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how do people get addicted to drugs
How do people get addicted to drugs

Does gangs have something to do with drugs?
Yes,many gangs exist mainly as a money making enterprise,by being or committing thefts and dealing drugs and gang members make ralatively large amount of money on this.10 percent of gang members did drugs before being in a gang which made them foolish mistakes.
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what are some effects of drug abuse?
There are numerous harmful effects of drug abuse including changes to the user's brain ,body and soul. Drug addiction is ever increasing epidemic spreading though out the united states. people get addicted not only to street drugs such as heroin,cocaine,crack,and marijuana but also prescription drugs. URL- www.unsodrugs.com /harmful-effects

why do teens do drugs?
Teens do drugs maybe on them trying to fit in a crowd or just to act cool with others and the problem right there is that they might get addicted and many of them get killed ,living in the streets or be in jail for making mistakes that
changes you forever. Most teens think it is cool and fun to do drugs. URL- www.ehow.com / why do teens do drugs

Is it their fault about using drugs?
For some reasons it wouldn't be their fault like it depends were they live and what type of friends and mostly peer pressure . The reasons are that teachers have to be honest on what it really does to you and if they don't students wouldn't believe and it would most likely make them try it. People got to know about what drugs really do about and to know who they are around. URL- www.howdostuffworks.com /teens addiction

what kind of drug do teens?
It would most likely be marijuana ,the fact this drug is mostly used is from teens who already been smoking cigarettes and drinking and they are a high risk of smoking weed and some people do this drug cause of not getting along with parents or other people .teens would take this drug cause of many problems around them they would want to be stressed out.
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