Chase Gainey
Research Paper

Drug Abuse
Below you will find facts about drug abuse like in the book “the rules of survival” and in the
book there is this girl named Nikki and she abuses drugs and everything that she owned got taken away
Nikki had gotten this job and she never come in went to work...
What is drug abuse?
Drug abuse it(u don't need 2 have) is what it is but did you know that drug abuse is a compulsive drug use people that are addicted feel uncontrollable need for drugs.(Drug abuse and addiction)
How dose drug abuse start?
Drug abuse starts with experimentation people you know like prop do drugs and they get you
started and the first time you try that drug it makes you feel really good and you want that
same feel again and again.( Drug abuse and addiction)
How many people die from drug abuse?
19,102 people die per year just from drug abuse.(Death from drugs)
what kinds of drug abuse is there?
There are 4 kinds of drug abuse and they are
Inbalant and mixing these drugs can be fatal.
There are over 10,000 deaths directly attributable to the use
of drugs in the U.S.A (types of drug)
What are the warning signs of drug abuse?
Some warning signs of drug abuse are depression,exhaustion and hopelessness.
The drugs are chemicals that tap into your brain's communication system and
disrupt the way nerve cells normally send and receive and then you cant remember
a lot of stuff and doing any drug can make you do stuff that you wouldn't do in a regular
day but you can stop doing drugs.(teens.drugabuse)
How do you stop drug abuse?
You/or people you may know it youre job to tell them they need help!!!Fast as possible!!!!