Intro:. Copper sun is the book I am reading and it is all about slavery and what went on at this time period.

When did slavery start?

(''slavery in the U.S..'')
For all the people that want to know when it started it was originally started in the 1500's, and ended in the 1800's all through it goes on today. Most slaves were African American but some few whites. Through out the day they both had to pick cotton, tobacco, sugar, and coffee,and most of the slaves settled in the south.

How old do you have to be a slave? Really their is no age limit, but most start young at the age of 5 and 6 , but I also heard that some may have to start at the age of 14 why don't know but probably cause there weaker healthier or maybe could be house servants , and that means that they have to help the slave owner on what ever he wants or needs. ( “slavery in the U.S..”)

where did slaves come from? Most slaves came from the middle eastern, central, south ,and
gulf guinea Africa. Why did they I don't know probably because at this time line all the healthy slaves where in Africa. Mean while other slaves did come from other country's like the U.S. , and japan.
('' slavery in the U.S.'')

Slave treatment? Slave treatment was very bad because slaves had to go through a process in which they got sold , and family split up also being whipped / branded to identify who they are and belong to. Other bad things they had to go through was being shackled , and that's were these big metal chains had to be around there ankles and neck. to keep them from running away, and that carries on what I am about to tell you next.('' slavery in the U.S.'')

Runaway slaves? What are runaway slaves: runaway slaves are slaves that are trying to escape from were they live to go to a free state so that they are not slaves no more most of the free states were in north. Slaves tried to run because the treatment was bad , and sometimes they run cause the want food, shelter, or anything else. ('' history on the'')