What is date rape???

Date rape is also known as aquanaut rape. Aquanaut rape is often done by a close friend of companion. Date rape is when you are sexually touched in a harmful way. Such as an interpropiet place there are many teens that call in about rape. Many victims of are usually drugged before the experience. If you are raped you should tell someone (Wikipedia).
How does it happen?
It can happen by force or you can be drugged.
Date rape is happens when the victim least expects it. Date rape happens when you are at the rapist home where he\she lives alone or where you live. When the rapist is caught he\she will might get a trial in court where he\she will will be asked various questions an if found guilty will spend a lot of time in jail\prison on charges of rape or date rape. Remember just ask for a 2nd date. But it is not quite common(
Can it happen to kids?
Yes it can but the ages it happens at is between 18-34.It can also happen to men But it is not quite common. Women have the target
for years. I think it is dirty for men to touch little girls\boys.if it is one thing I can not stand it is a petifile. (Dancing in