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Fort Mose was the most beautiful place they thought. you may
ask who thought that? well the freed slaved did because fort Mose was
free land to the slaves that suffered for there freedom.Freedom was
the most important thing to the slaves because there is nobody in
the world who likes to get beaten for no reason.Life had to been real
rough for people back then because they had to work for their food
and a place to live and also they used them as sex slaves.When will
a place be created for people to be free?A place were young kids can
run free and men and women who don’t have to get beaten.Fort Mose is
a really interning place any people don’t really know the history
about it .In the page im going to talk about fort Mose and the real

Who was the first person that found Fort Mose?
In 1738, Pedro Menendez De Aviles , a Spanish
soldeir,was the first person to find fort Mose. The Spanish law was
that anyone who got to their land they could be free and work for
them. They had to support themselves, though. They had to plant
their own corn and other crop’s and build their own house .The Spanish
king didn't believe in in slavery so that's why he made fort Mose a
peaceful place for black and white people.
who owed Fort mose?
The king at this time was Charles the 3 form Spain in the
1700’s he didn’t really like the way people owned other’s and the way
they treated each other. So he all ready owned Florida so he said
let’s set this part apart form the rest of Florida so that’s what
the king did to help slave’s.He made a little town for about for 100
people to live in.King Charles the 3 sent men to the land of Florida
so that they can start to use the land.King Charles was a nice and
pretty good king if you ask me because he wanted to stop slavery.
How many people lived at fort Mose?
In 1738 there was about 100 blacks at fort Mose. They mostly
came from the Carolina’s .Some of the slaves were blacksmiths and
others were boatmen and other stuff too.They also had children also
they had to take care of.they all came together a became a big colony
and they helped each other when they needed help.Even if it was that
they didn’t have enough of food they would be nice people and they
would share it with other family's. They were great people to be
In 1740 a war started between England and Spain so all of the
people that lived in Fort mose was in the middle of the whole thing
s some of the men fought in the war Fort Mose was one of the first
places to get attacked.England sent thousands of soldiers and dozen of
ships to bring back any run away slaves.

Who won the war between England and Spain?
The war went on for a while but the British soldier’s blockaded and
also bombarded the town of St Augustine for 27 day in a row.The free
black ,white, and Indian men thought the they could of won because the
were thinking that the could out number them but oh my they were so
wrong. The number of soldier’s were out of control so sadly the free
men of St.Augumstine lost the fight but later in the road the Spanish
was able to regain the land they lost a time back.The next 80 year’s
the state of Florida was owned by the king of Spain.

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