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Research FAQ
May 7,2010
Organ Theft
Organ stealing is something that is,illegal, cruel,and disgusting. Whats even more repulsive is when people harvest them. The book I read with my group was called Unwind. It was about 3 teenagers that were going to be unwound. Unwinding is a process that is very different. In the time period of this book they have more surgeons than doctors so its easier for them to unwind other kids in order to save someone else's life. My topic is very similar to my book because when people steal organs its going to someone in need and in Unwind, kids organs are removed in order for someone else to have. In real life or in the book,I don't think organ stealing or unwinding isn't nessecary.
Why do people steal organs?
Your organs are a major part of your body's function,some of those organs you don't need. Well in certain country's your organs are worth a lot of money, sometimes it will cost you your life. Have you caught on to what I'm saying? There are people in this world that are stealing organ. In the United States it's illegal and you and I both know that won't stop a person from getting what they want. You may know that in the United States there is something called the black-market(Organ Theft).
The black-market is a place where people sale illegal items such as organs,drugs,sex etc. The way organ theft usually works is,vulnerable people(kids the poor and depressed) are lured,taken hostage or killed. Some are held at gunpoint and are told to say that they will give up their organs. In India some people voluntarily give up their organs(the one they technically don't need).
The organ are either sold to rich Americans or Europeans. On the black market,like say New York, some organs are sold to doctors.(“The truth about sensational kidney theft”).Organ theft and things of that nature,have become so “common”, that some people in the U.S. Are suggesting it become legal,but hat your thinking: Is this safe? The answer to that would be yes and no. The reason being is because,if the operation is being done by someone who is a trained professional doctor then yes. If its being done by some criminal trying to make money then no,even if the doctor is trained it needs to be in a hospital in an operating room where he has the right equipment.
Another questions you may have is: Who is stealing these organs?
The people that are stealing these organ can be from low down criminals to doctors. Those doctors may have good intentions but not enough money to buy the organs that are okay for the patient so that's why they either pay someone to remove the organs from or remove the organs themselves.
In some cases people volunteer their organs. In 2003 there was a case where an illegal operating room was uncovered in Africa. The donors were recruited from Brazilian slums,some of the organs sold for $100,000. That's less than they would spend here in America. In India something very similar happened where people received about $800 for their organs. One middleman(someone who buys & sales organs or products)in Israel made around $4million before being caught.(Roster) A case in 2000 an oral surgeon in New York named Michael M.. opened Biomedical Tissue Services with an embalmer named Joseph N..
For a long time the two men harvested tissue from human bodies in a funeral home. They used the tissue to perform surgeries(“The Organ Black Market”).
You probably want to know:What are the Laws about Organ Theft?
Well in the United States organ theft(or stealing)is illegal. Then other countries(like us)think it's not safe and illegal. In some countries it's perfectly fine to sale your organs. You and I probably find this gross,but other people in other countries find it normal.
How many times a year does this happen?
The answer to that would be, I don't know, yes I care but you really can't tell how many times a year it happens because it happens discretely and undercover. When it does happen(and it probably happens a lot more than you think) we don't know who or when or why it happens. The only reason find out about this is if,lets say someone has an organ transplant illegally and its not taking right to their body. They go to the hospital get it checked out,the doctors discover its not their organ and they realize that it was transmitted illegally. So my guess is they either get it fixed or, unfortunately, don't make it.

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