Do people do bomb threats for revenge?
Do you think people in America do bomb threats for revenge, or do they do just for a thrill? Most people do bomb threats for revenge,or for a thrill. Afghan soldiers were killed in a separate explosions Wednesday in eastern Afghanistan ( They say that terrorists does bomb threats because America have more money than Iraq.(

Do people send out bomb threats for a thrill?

People may do bomb threats for a thrill meaning they do it just to become famous. Most people these days do that to get their name around. They will do it so they can feel that they accomplished something. Like a British man has been banned from Robin Hood air port for making comments about blowing the place sky high(

Who started bomb threats?

Bomb threats started happening after world war 2. When we bombed japan. People started making comments and warning people saying were going to bomb U.S or South America..
That's when people started taking action(

Why do you think they send out bomb threats?

They do it for multiple reasons. They like to put their work in force in harm ways. Most people do it to scare you or as a joke. Which it's not a joke when the force come in(

How much time do you think they get for bomb threats in prison?

You will at least get 5 years in prison for a bomb threat. It depends on how bad it was. Most people these days does the crime but don't want to do the time. Most of the time you will get 8 years but a man got 5 years in prison for an explosive bomb in thebuilding.(Matt Kinbutz)


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