Teen Relationships
By: Jayme Beaver

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Teenage Violence Escalates!

Teenagers of our generation listen UP and listen up GOOD! In this paper there are many things that may help you in your relationships. There's some Pro's and Con's in teenage relationships, not every relationship is perfect. So therefor on that matter! In this paper I will tell you Healthy and unhealthy relationships, abuse, and how to get out! Hope you enjoy this thrilling paper!! (:

1: What are the Pro's and Con's of Teen Relationships?

Hey Teen's! There are many ways to gain a healthy relationship without having to feel pressured to do something you do not feel comfortable doing. Like for instance Listening to your partner is a must in order to having a good relationship. If you and your partner argue all the time and don't really like seeing each other then that relationship was not meant to be. Another thing that goes along with having good communication is being able to trust and to tell each other the truth. If your lying all the time your relationship is going to go down in the dust faster than you can say I love you. Lying to each other is bad, how are you going to keep a relationship when your older when all you do is lie twenty-four-seven. As well as good communication and honesty\trust is to keep your own identity. Don't let your boyfriend\girlfriend control you. Go do something else for a change with your friends of family, just get away for a day of too and relax and try to find yourself again(“A Teenage Relationship: Healthy Vs. Unhealthy”)

Con's for teen relationships can be as bad as abuse. Some things like if your partner is controlling, disrespecting you and becomes violent in anyway you need to get out of that relationship. For Example: (an unhealthy relationship) You(the girl) are talking to one of your best buddies and he is a guy. Your boyfriend sees you talking to him and he gets enraged and tells your buddy to get lost. After he tells your buddy to get lost he starts cursing at you for “flirting” with him but you were just talking to one of your buds. Your boyfriend doesn't obviously trust you. He might think your flirting with every guy your talking to, but the thing is your not. Your faithful to him but he doesn't think your faithful to him. This is one thing to an unhealthy relationship. To go along with your boyfriend accusing you of flirting, your boyfriend might tell you to do things you don't want to do, or force you to do something you would never want to do. If you are unhappy more than happy why are you still with that person? Why not leave them and find someone who makes you happy? These ideas are just a few of many signs of an unhealthy and healthy relationship I just wanted to bring up a few(“A Teenage Relationship: Healthy Vs. Unhealthy”)

2: What are Some of the Issues or Facts about Teen Abuse?

Teenage dating abuse is a VERY big issue. It may not seem like it is but IT IS! Calls and e-mails to the National Teen Dating Violence Hotline has gone up 60% since March of 2007 to March this year. Most survey's show that 25% of “tween's” are in a physically abusive relationship. Now that's a lot of Teenagers. As well as Teens being in abusive relationships, teens in our latest generations are growing up with violence all around them. (“T.E.A.R.”)

Violence is a big issue not only for kids but for adults too. One in three women or girls report to being punched, kicked, or slapped by their husband or boyfriend. If not kicked, punched, or slapped they are verbally abused. One in four women (26%) report to being verbally abused. Some teens or women are scared to get out of that abusive relationship, 73% of teens say that they would turn to a friend for help, 25% say they never told their parent and 33% say that they would tell no-one about it. If they tell no-one those girls are just putting themselves up for the abuse and 80% of the women and teens are too scared to get out of their abusive relationship. Lets say girls who tell no-one about their abuse for a long period of time and their boyfriend keeps abusing them for days on end and it gets worse day by day. Eventually the abuse may get deadly, Girls between the age of 15 and 19 are murdered each year because of their boyfriend or husband. Another form of abuse is through technology. Girls and Boys getting constant text messages from their boyfriend\girlfriend asking where they are, what their doing, and who their with. (“T.E.A.R.”)


3: What are some steps to take to get out of an abusive relationship?

Well some relationships are harder to get out of rather than others. BUT! First things first, make sure your safe. NEVER try to get out of an abusive relationship alone!! That's a big DON'T! After you try to get out make sure you have an adult with you at all times. Even though you don't want them there they are nice to have around just in case if anything goes wrong. If you do get an adults help it'd be wise to tell the adult whats going on and for how long its been going on. It is very VAULABE information. If you don't get an adults help and you get attacked, call the police right away. Don't wait till someone comes to help you. It could be too late by then. So just let them help you, you would be way better off with help from adults than trying by yourself. Don't rely on yourself to get out you NEED HELP, getting help may seem as a sign of weakness to some teens but actually it's NOT. It actually shows that you have enough courage to stand up for yourself and for you to take charge of your life, not the other way around. (“Healthy Relationships involve Respect and Trust”)

After you have thought about getting out of an abusive relationship you might ask yourself, “What do I do now?”. Here's a couple ways you can get out of an abusive relationship. You can look in your local phone book, it lists local hotlines and help lines that have people on phones answering kids questions about how to get out of an abusive relationships. These people are trained to listen and help you in many ways. There's other ways to get out rather than calling a hotline. You could ask a family member or friend to help you get through it. After you've spoken to them about it maybe they can help you in any way possible. Just TELL SOMEONE!!! They can help you no matter what and it may be embarrassing to you but your actually helping yourself. If you tell someone you have a better chance of getting out successfully. ABUSE HAS NO PLACE IN LOVE.<3! (“Healthy Relationships involve Respect and Trust”)


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