Introductory Video

Teen Relationship FAQ
By Lane Chrismon

1. How can teen relationships be beneficial to the teens involved?

• Teens involved in dating gain many things from their relationships including
many skills that will be of benefit to the teens later in life. These skills
include trust and honesty skills, equality/fairness, respect/boundaries, and
many more. (Lyness)
• Technology also plays an extremely important role in a healthy relationship
these days because you can keep in touch more easily, and you can
healthfully start and end relationships with less embarrassment or violence.
We'll talk about this more in Question #3, Paragraph #1.

2. How can teen relationships harmful to the teens involved and the others
influenced by the relationship?

• There can sometimes be violence or abuse within a relationship, and it's not
ok. It's actually very bad, because it leads to further generations (their
kids and the ones after that, continuing for many years) of abuse and
disrespect. Signs of an unhealthy relationship are direct violence such as
pushing or slapping, and indirect violence such as throwing and slamming
things. There are other indicators, like verbal/emotional abuse including
put-downs, nasty comments, and isolation from friend and family activities.
• There is also technology involved that can hurt teens, and it's called cyberbullying.
This is basically when another teen or kid bullies another teen or
kid through the use of technology. We'll talk about this more in Question
#3, Paragraph #2.

3. How does technology influence teen relationships and hurt/help the teens

• Technology helps you (the people dating) stay in touch more easily. There
are more ways to communicate with your girlfriend/boyfriend now than
there have ever been before. Instant messaging, video conferencing, email,
text messaging, and even just the home phone are great ways to
communicate using technology, and a great way to communicate in general.
It also helps in starting a dating relationship. For example, a guy really likes
a girl, but the girl is always with friends and he is afraid to ask her out
around them. However, he has her number and they are friends on
Facebook, so he texts for her to get on Facebook, and they engage in
conversation. As it turns out, they have a lot more in common than they
thought. He then says, "hey, r u single?" and she replies "yea, y?" He says,
"because i like u, do u want to go out with me?" and she replies, "yes, i
thought u would never ask!" so he says, "kewl, i will c u tomorrow at school
then..." She says, "ok ttyl, byee ;)" This is a way that technology impacts
teens in a relationship positively. (Dowshen)
• Technology also impacts teens negatively. This is most often known as
cyber-bullying. Cyber-bullying is when one teen or kid (this person must be a
minor to be considered cyber-bullying) bullies another through the use of
technology. For example, this girl breaks up with her boyfriend, and he is
mad, like MAD MAD. So he starts posting mean, nasty, and otherwise
totally unnecessary comments on her posts on Facebook, MySpace, and her
blog. But he doesn't stop there, he begins his own hate blog for people to
comment on his posts that are mean to her. He then begins sending
threatening e-mails and text messages to her, and at that point she notifies
her parents, who notify police, who then can either arrest him and put him
in juvenile hall, or give him a misdemeanor (this depends on his age,
considering this is a made up story). And the people who matter in this
situation all live happily ever after. ("What is Cyber-bullying, Exactly?")