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In my paper I will talk about runaway's. Running away is very dangerous because you could get caught up with drugs and/or prostitution and many other dangerous things. The way I set my paper up is I asked a question and I typed a couple of sentences under the question. It is related to my book because Connnor, Risa, and Lev all three ran away from home because they didn't want to get unwound. Here's some of the most common question's about runaway's.

Why do people runaway?

People run away for many, many reasons. The number one reason people run away is because of fear and depression. Most runaway's run away because problems involving their families. 52% of runaway's run away because of those problems. Another 13% run away because of peer pressure and school (__www.thinkquest.org__).

8% of runaway's run away because of physical abuse; like getting into fights with a friend or family member. 4% runaway because of sexual abuse or getting raped. Runaway's also run away because they get pregnant, legal issues, emotional abuse, and alcohol/drug abuse. 10% runaway because of other reasons.

100,000 under the age of 16 run away per year; over 20,000 runaway's are under the age of 11 (__www.wecarethechildren.org__). Some runaways also run away to have fun and run to places like Florida and New York (“Teen Runaway”). In 2001 42.4% teens ran away from their homes because of family problems.

How many people runaway per year?

71% (1,190,900) of kids between the ages of thirteen to seventeen are runaway's (__www.runawayteens.org__). There are at least one to three million runaway's living on the streets in the U.S. It is estimated that 1.5 million youths in the U.S. run away or are sent away from their home. 68% are between the ages fifteen to seventeen; 35% of them had ran away before (Sandt). 7% of runaways have a two-parent family. Another 14% have only one parent and 22% have a step family (“Facts on Runaways”)

According to statistics provided by the Crime Information Bureau of the Wisconsin Department of Justice over 26,000 Wisconsin youths were reported to police agencies as missing from their homes. Reasons given by youth for running away indicate that they are in desperate need of assistance (__www.positive-alternatives.org__).

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