This is about teens all around the world that runaway from home. It tells you why they runaway, and what do they feel inside for them to up and leave. It also tells the maximum ages for kids to runaway. But this is reflecting on the book unwind. It's about some kids is getting unwind but a few decided to runaway from without no one knowing about it at all, so now they have to try to survive until they are 18 years old. By reading the answers about runaway teens you might know more about this topic.

Why do kids run away?

They are many reasons why kids runaway. They may be beating by there family or Guardian ,and just decide to runaway for good. If you didn't know some kids may feel left out. They might have problems in school with teachers, or students never know. Some kids may be getting bullied at school or something. There is at least 70 percent of the kids running away in the US (www.runawayteens.org). Kids may feel lonely or something, or they might have a secret that they may not want to tell anybody about.

What things do you do when you run away?

You may have something that will make you feel better like your favorite teddy bear, or your cell phone or something that will make you very happy. In the US some kids don't need things to make them feel better(www.goggle.com). They sometimes bring stuff that would be weird to runaway with. For some reason every child have to bring things with them when they runaway, because maybe it with bring them memory or something. Some kids bring other kids along with them like a best friend from school, just to try to help them out with some things.

Is that a law to runaway?

It's only against the law to run away if you're under the age of 18 years old. The reason why I say this is because if you are 18 and older then u are an adult so you really not running away around that age (www.google.com) . Young people sometimes runaway, and don't even know who they are going to or where they are going to. Young people can also get arrested if they are caught running away. I bet 9 times out of 10 officers don't get all the information about a child or why they running away, so they just call there parents, and take them home safely.

Have you ever had a friend / family member runaway?

I don't have any friends that ran away, but I do have one family member that ran away because she had a lot of problems and consequences that she could not handle. It sometimes well most of the times hurts your parents when you do things like that(www.runawayteen.org). When you think about it some kids regret running away, and taking advantage of there parents, and other people in there family that really care about them. I, me, myself wouldn't know how it feel because I've never ran away before, because I know I have someone here with with me till the end and will always love me know matter what happens I will always be in this persons heart, and that's my mommy. But I just wanted to tell this question in my own words.

How do you know when someone is running away?

When you, and your parents are not getting alone, and you just feel so alone and hurt inside for somethings you might have done, and just don't understand why you get yelled at or why your mother is crying. Like 1 out of 7 kids between ages 10 and 18 will runaway, and there are 1 million up to 3 million runaway also(www.runawayteens.org). But there kids that are homeless, and lives on the side of a street of highway. Sometimes it takes a lot of anger, and hurt to runaway from home or where ever you at. Some kids starve to death and die, don't have any clothes, just don't have anything but what they brought with them to cuddle up with or something.