Research Paper

The main reason prisons were created was so that criminals couldn't run free and cause chaos.
One of the cruelest prisons in the world is Alcatraz in Sandiego California. Alcatraz was so bad that it even had a dungeon. In the dungeon it was nothing but pitch black 24-7. Doctors that studied prisoners that staid there found out that it causes permanent psychological problems.
Alcatraz closed in 1963, March 21st because it was far more expensive to operate than other prisons, and half a century of salt water saturation had severely eroded the buildings, and also being badly polluted by raw sewage.
One of the most valuable prisons in the U.S is the San Quentin Prison in California. The prison covers over 275 acres of land and is worth $80-$100 making it the most valuable prison in the world. Between 1893 and 1937 prisoners that got the death penalty were hung, and others gassed in the gas chambers. But over time they ruled that it was cruel and unusual punishment. That resulted in the use of leathel injection. After a month or two they built a viewing room for leathel injection so family press and others can see.
Prisoners all over the country make up 6.5% of all americans. For every 100 adults one of them are in jail. Some prisons are seeing a decrease in population as federal jails are seeing and increase of about 7,000 per year.