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There are many people that go to prison. For the ones that don't go, this paper will help you understand, and tell you why you don't want to be in the place were these people are now. My paper may have you scared, but that not going to be as bad as you would feel in prison!!!

What happens in a prison? And what is in it?

Prison is a place were you and I would not want to end up. It is for people who do bad things like a bank robber or a killer. These people are called inmates or you can call them convicts. A prison is run by the government. Convicts that have been charged may some time get something called a death sentents, based on the crime he or she did (Wikipedia).

Can women go to prison? And if so can they be in the same prison as a male?

Yes, there are female prisons but females are not able to be in the same prison as a male because of safety reasons, etc. Based on news paper adds, women in prison need stuff males don't need and based on some of the crimes that the male or female did can turn into a problem in the prison if male and females were able to be in the same one. It would make it harder on the guards because it's more people in one prison and it is code.( Kurshan)

In the female prison there are male guards and in a news paper add by (Kurshan) she thinks its not right. Because the females need privacy and some of the female inmates don't want the male guards being there when they take showers and have to do other things. But in most female prisons there are more female guards than male guards because of that problem.

Do prisons have guard dogs to look after the inmates/convicts?

In most prison they have guard dogs but the guard dogs are not used to look after the inmates, they are used to go after the inmates that try to run away. Or if the guard thinks the inmates have drugs in the prisons,or if they have weapons,etc. They clear out the cells and send in the dog to look and smell around for the drug/weapons in the cell and in some they have the dog smell the inmate to see if they have it on them.(Bonne)

But the prison guards try to get the best dog for the job as in German shepherds or laborers because there smart and not hard to train . The guard talks to the dog in code so the inmates don't under stand what there saying to the dogs and it makes all-most impossible for the inmate to talk to the dogs and make the dog stop the command the guard is saying.(Bonne)


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