​​​​​​Neal Shusterman

For anybody that does not know who Neal Shusterman is,they're missing out. He is an American author who writes literature books for teenagers and young adults. He is a great person. Here is some more information about him below.

Who is Neal Shusterman ?

Neal Shusterman
is an artist and a successful American author of literature( “Neal Shusterman (Absolute astronomy).

What is some of Neal Shusterman's background information ?
Neal Shusterman was born in 1962, in Brooklyn New York. At the age of
16 he moved to Mexico where he finished high school there and was successful. Then he later moved to California where he attended the University of California (Neal Shusterman). While there he majored in Psychology and Theater, and was also on the varsity swim team. His last book he wrote was Everwild (Goodreads) ( Neal Shusterman Wikipedia ).
Shusterman also wrote a story for the school newspaper that became popular ( “Neal shusterman “). After college he got a job at Irvin Arthur associates. A year later he got his first book deal and a screenwriting job. Neal Shusterman currently lives in southern California,and has four children. Shusterman won the Boston Globe award for the book Schwa Was Here (“Neal Shusterman”Wikipedia).

How was Neal Shsterman inspired to start writing books ?
Shusterman was inspired by his 9th grade teacher when she challenged him to write a story for the class. He was the unofficial storyteller at Kutsher's Camp. Shusterman would make up stories and tell them. Some of the stories become books a few years later known as The Shadow Club and The Eyes of Kid Midas.(”Neal Shusterman Wikipedia”)

What is some information about his famous book”unwind?”
Conner is a sixteen year old boy. His parents decide to sign the unwind order because of his ongoing fighting. Unwound is where they take out your body parts and give it to other people. “EWWW” When Conner discovers the order, he plans to run away with his friend Ariana. Connor sets out on a dangerous adventure alone and, after hitchhiking with a trucker, is tracked down by the police. Left with few options, Connor makes a split decision to run for it.(”Unwind)

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