Jorge Barrios
Research FAQ
May 11, 2010

Cover Up FAQ

Some people think that the government can never, ever, ever can keep a secret from the people of the US, but do they? Well, that's why I am here today. The government, the military, and the FBI all have at least covered-up something once, but; Who?,What?, When?, Where?, Why?, and How? I can answer some of these questions. This topic relates to the book Unwind because in it they also reveal some things from the government.
Why do the government, police, FBI, etc. cover up things?
Well, lets see. Do you remember the Roswell incident? Some people think that it is real some think it is fake. What do you believe? Well, there is this one photo where it clearly shows a kinda balloon material. Is it extraterrestrial? Now, here is the weird part. The government was actively involved with the crash. Some believe they try to cover it all up and others believe it wasn't a UFO that crashed at Roswell. Now, it is believed that if the government was to tell the public that there would be a public alarm or a scare. I would agree with the government. Maybe they are trying to keep everything under control, until they know more. Maybe, that's why they cover it up(“The Roswell/ UFO CoverUp: Why?”).
What about police cover ups?
Well, like the government, police also will cover up things. There is time when the police assault and even rape the people they arrest but in this incident it's not about UFO's but about discrimination. This all began on a summer night of 2008 in Shenandoah. Some football players were out beating a guy named Luis Ramirez when a cop showed up. Instead of helping out the victim he actually help conceal some evidence and told the football players to make up a new story of what happened. While Luis Ramirez was dying, he had received no help. Luis Ramirez died two days later. Mexican, Luis Ramirez heard his last moments that he should go back to Mexico and was told to get his friends out of Shenandoah. The cops were later caught and the football players were also caught and they could serve a long time. This cover up story ended in a tragedy not a mystery(McDonald).
Does the Jersey Devil exist?
Well, this maybe not be a cover up but it is highly debated of its existence. The Jersey Devil is a “demon” that is believed to live in Pine Barrens woods in southern New Jersey. It was because a “witch” was having her thirteenth child and she said “let it be the devil!”(Jersey Devil). It is said by a Leeds descendent that the Jersey Devil used to go inside where women give birth and used to kill the pregnant mothers and then fly into the night. The Jersey Devil has a wing span of 2,4,6 and some reports say 8 feet! Well, there has been reports since 1750's! After that, there has been more reports of the Jersey Devil. Well, what do you believe in(Animal Planet Videos: Lost Tapes: Jersey Devil)?
Does Area 51 exist?
This once again involves extraterrestrial creatures. Many people knows Area 51 might have exist but people aren't debating what's in there. The people I got this information from think that they have flying saucers and might have autopsied an extraterrestrial creature. Some people think that this dried up lake, also known as Nellis Air Force Base,holds secret military planes and maybe missions but there has been some reports that state otherwise. There has been an unexplainable reason why the the Air Force has hired 1,068 in the Las Vegas area. Why some many people in that place from just one military group. Why hasn't the Army or the Marines or the Navy given as many people as the Air Force has? I'm just saying, why do they let it still be a secret when a lot people know(Kidd)?
Finally, what can a cover up include or be?
Well, there's a whole bunch of cover ups, some which people still don't know. On this website it has the top ten conspiracy theories, from 9/11 to JFK's assassination to Pearl Harbor. The list of contains all of the things I'm about to put up from number one to number ten. From the first it is: 9/11, UFO recovered at Roswell, JFK's assassination, Global warming fraud, Princess Diana killed by royal family, Jewish world domination, Apollo landing hoax, Pearl Harbor allowed to happen, The third secret of Fatima, and The Philadelphia experiment. Now these may sound dumb or even stupid but they're just theories, so how many do you believe(“Top Ten Conspiracy Theories”)?

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