Kevin Wood
Bombs and Bomb Threats
May 11, 2010

Bombs and Bomb Threats

Ever wanted to learn about bombs?
Well I went around, asked some questions and found the most common ones. But I am sure that you have questions that aren't answered here so I will list my sources and you can do some digging yourself. (The Bold Sentences Are The Questions and The text that follows is the answers.)

How are Bombs Classified? Well, they are classified as burning or detonation style and each of those classifications has its own set of unique types bombs and some bombs even tie into both of them.

A burning style bomb starts burning at one end of the charge and travels within a few thousandths of a second through the entire charge, then...BOOM!! Gunpowder is an example of a burning style explosive.(Johnson)

Detonation is more complex than burning and more dangerous. So, detonation occurs when certain materials receive a sudden shock/jar. Basically when this happens a shock wave passes through material. Then the particles break down together. In a few millionths of a second...BOOM!!(Johnson)

What Kind of Bomb Threats are There?A LOT! There is probably hundreds of different bomb threats so I will just tell you of the two major categories. International and Intra-National bomb threats.

A international bomb threat is a threat that is between 2 or more countries.(Wikipedia)Think of a terrorist coming to our country (U.S.). When they get here, lets just say they hide a bomb on a school campus. (It doesn't have to be a school campus it can be practically anything.) They call in the bomb and demand a ransom of sorts. That would be considered a international bomb threat. It would be the same thing if a terrorist from our country went to another country.

An intra-national bomb threat is a threat that is existing or occurring within the boundaries of a single nation, rather than involving different nations (Bing). Think of this... A hard working guy looses his job because of the rough economy. He is miserable, has no money, he has a family, and he needs to feed them. After exhausting all his other options he goes online, finds the blueprints for some kind of bomb. Maybe 2 weeks later he walks into a bank rips open his shirt with the bomb underneath it and tells the banker to give him the money. This is a rough description of a intra-national bomb threat.

What Are the Top 9 Countries Who Have Nuclear Warheads and How Many Do They Have?The Top 9 countries huh? I think I can get you the information you want... For a price.

Stealing 1st place is Russia with a unbelievable 16,000 warheads!! Taking 2nd is the United States with an whopping 10,350 warheads!! Coming in 3rd place is China with an amazing 400 warheads!! Landing in 4th is France with an impressive 350 warheads!! Stumbling into 5th is the U.K. with a formidable 200 warheads!!Dropping to 6th is Israel with a recognizable 190 warheads!! Falling in 7th is Pakistan with a lousy 48 warheads!! Barely holding 8th is India with a understandable 35 warheads!!Crawling into 9th is North Korea with a limited 8 warheads!!(King)


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