Bomb threats and what to do
The law takes bomb threats pretty seriously. If you get caught you can do 20 years in prison and
a 50,000 dollar fine.
If you resieve a bomb threat on the phone do the following stay calm, do not panic, and most
inportant is to record the number and every thing he says. Get some one to call 911 and stay on
the phone long as possible and get much info as possible.
If there is a bomb threat in a building or a school do the following stay calm do not panic
just call (911) and do the following, get out, do not stop to get your things, do not stand near
windows, clear the area, do not use any electronic devies (It Might Set The Bomb), and last do
not touch any suspicious packages.
Info list things to write to give to the police when is the bomb going to explode, where it is
at, what does it look like, what kind of bomb it is, what will cause it to explode, did you place the
bomb, why, what is your address, what is your name, background noises, callers voice, time
and date to know if its a suspicious package. no return address, poor handwriting,
excessive postage, missspelld words, stains, incorrect tiltes,strange odor, foreign postage,
strange sounds, restrictive notes, unexpexted deliveory.