Running Away
Chris Hardin

Why do kids run away?

This paper is important to read because so many children are running away. There are children running away ever second. So if you dont wont your child to run away. You should read this and you will know the reasons why you child might run away.
There are many reasons why kids run away. They might be abused physical or sexual, there parents are divorcing, death in the family, a new baby in the family, parents on drugs, peer pressure at school, failing or dropping out of school, and violence. These are some of the reasons why kids might run away ( “ Running Away” ).

How many kids run away?

According to the National Run Away Switchboard. Which is a organization that tacks care of calls and helps kids who have ran away or are thinking about running away. There is about 100,000 children that run away each year in the United States ( “Running Away” ).
Out of that 100,000 children that run away about 18,000 of them are children under the age of 11 and its there first time running away. Also about 6,000 children are younger than 8 years old ( “100,000 Children Run Away From Home Each Year” ).

Where do they go when they run away?

Kids that think about running away might not know how to solve there problems or don't have an adult to help them. Some times running away feels like the only choice. But when they run away that find out that they have bigger problems than they at home ( Zagata ).
Many of there problems are being homeless. Which is having no money, food, a safe place to sleep at night, and know on to care or look out for them. They often have to steel to make there basic needs. So if you don't want to be homeless and barley make the needs to live don't run away. Instead try to talk to someone that u trust about your problems ( Lehman ).


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