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runaway unwind
Charles McKinley ray Black JR

My topic is about runaway teens. Its just like a book that I'm reading the title of the book is called Unwind. this kid name Connor is a unwind. and he ran away because unwinds are suppose to be apart of other people. say you got cancer and they get a unwind and the kid that got cancer is gonna get some body parts from the unwind so that's basically it. The unwinds are the people that get force to be cut up and be apart of other people. Their for they runaway to avoid being unwind. But its different if your a tithe. A tithe is a person that believes in god and helping people so they get unwind on there own free will just to help people and make the world a better place.

why do teens runaway?
Teens runaway because they don't get what they want. By us not doing that there is an averaged of 1.3 million teens that runaway just to prove a point. So why don't the parents just give them what they want. I might just runaway because I want some Starbucks. Some Teens runaway because they feel like they're not being encourage enough to do something and ya they feel out of place so teach your child how to be good not bad.