​The Ghetto Life
This paper connects to the book Bang and The Skin Im In. In this book's all of the main characters live in the ghetto and just almost everything about them relates to the ghetto. I wrote in FAQ format, which means it will start with a question and a paragraph under it with an answer in it. This could help a lot of people because a lot of people wonder about the ghetto.
What is a ghetto?

“Ghetto”- (n) part of a city typically densely populated and run down, inhabited by members of an ethnic group or an minority for social, economic or legal reasons.(dictionary.com)

Where did the word ghetto come from?

Everyone takes the word ghetto and puts there on meaning to it. Some people just shorten the definition of it but others take it out of hand. The word ghetto originated from the name of an island near Venice where Jews were forced to recide in the 16th century. Today, the word "ghetto" is said to be trashy looking and or cheap things. (dictionary.com). Today's use of the word is probobally because of the conditions of the origional ghettos.

What is all considered ghetto?

Apparently basically most related things of the ghetto can be considered ghetto. Ex: ghetto blaster(loud radio), ghetto baby names(hard to pronounce names), ghetto car(when you have to push it to start or when it breaks down all the time), etc........(yahooanswers.com)

Why do some people consider ghetto as bad?

People have so many different opinions on the ghetto. On one of the websites I used for my information was a blogging website where people just blog about how they feel about the ghetto. The majority of bloggers on this site all agree or is at least similar to saying that the ghetto is rude. They say the ghetto don't care about what you want they only do for themselves. They say they are loud, obnoxious, poor, and not classy.
Most people think of danger or trouble when they think of ghetto because all of the dangers are mostly by ghetto people or in or around the ghetto. Some of the words these bloggers use to describe ghetto in there opinion are gang relative, drug dealers, murderers, etc.....(tinyurl.com/y6gaut3)


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