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Sharon G. Flake

This is about the author Sharon G.Flake.She is a important author .She writes book for young teens. She really points her books toward girls.She is important because she trys to help people that were like her during her childhood. She trys to make a connection through the books with them.

(How many brothers and sisters does she have?)Sharon G Flake was raised in Philadelphia and have two older sisters, two older brothers and a younger brother. She was shy growing up, but she is over most of that now. She still acts like a kid when it comes to having fun. You could catch her on a rainy day trying to catch rain drops in her mouth (SharonG Flake.com)!

(At first what did she want to be?)Sharon is a well known author she initionaly went to college to be a pediatrician,but ended majoring in writing instead. She has a daughter named Brittany. Sharon comes from a big family . She helps her daughter write and one day would like for her daughter to follow in her foot steps, or just be a good writer.

(How many books has she written?)Sharon Flake has a passion for writing books .She really focuses on the girls. She writes books for them cause she can relate with them more than she can with writing about boys. The most recent book she has written for boys was Bang. So far she has only written six books The Broken Bike Boy and the Queen of 33rd Street (2007), Who Am I Without Him? Short Stories About Boys and the Girls in Their Lives (2004) ,Begging for Change (2003) ,Money Hungry (2002) ,The Skin I'm In (1998).

(What book has she written that is some what like her child hood?)Sharon is in a writing group in Pittsburgh bookstore. She was the first person out of her whole entire book club to publish a book, And that book was "The Skin I’m in’’.She wrote that story to reflect on her life and how she began to be an author. Because some of the stuff that the character went through Sharon had to go through as well.

(How many honor awards has she won?)
In her time as being an author she has won a couple of honor awards. She won a lot, here are two of them. The (YWCA) Racial Justice Award and Detroit Public Library.


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