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Based on: "The Rules to Survival
By: Jessica Medina
F.A.Q Page

Child Abuse is a topic throughout the book, The Rules of Survival”. It relates to “The Rules of Survival” because the children in the book get physically abused daily by their drug addicted mother. This is a brief passage explaining child abuse. A lot of children are affect by Child Abuse yearly. Below you will find facts and research to many questions you might have on child abuse. There are many answers and it also includes of ways you can help.

What is Child Abuse?
Child Abuse is around a lot, now. Child abusive parents don't know the consequences of Child Abuse. If you don't know, child abuse is child mistreatment. This includes, Sexual Abuse; Physical Injury; Neglection; Sexual Assault and Physical Abuse. Most of the time, this act is made by parents, guardians, and even care takers.

What are the symptoms of Child Abuse?
Some of these physical and sexual Abuses cause children to go under stress and even suffer through suicidal issues (“Child Abuse”). Some of the signs of Child abuse are, unexplained injuries, fear of going home, changes in behavior, changes in eating, and even inappropriate sexual behavior (“Signs of Abuse”). If you suspect any of these odd behaviors, seek for help NOW!

How many young adults are affected yearly?
Nine-Hundred Six-Thousand young adults are abused in someway yearly, this is the most recent number.(“Child Abuse”). Young adult are abused either by their parents, care takers, or guardians (“Child Abuse”). In average, about 5 children die daily because of abuse or neglect(“Child Abuse”). Many of the guardians say that Child Abuse is a way to make children learn and behave(“Child Abuse”)
Personally, I believe that there are many other ways for children to learn, other that Child Abuse. They could learn by repeating what they shall, or shall not do, instead of abusing children.

So many?
However, most of the infants that are affected are only from 12 months to 3 years of age. 80% of the young adults who have been abused have been diagnosed with at least one Psychiatric disorder(“Concrete Angel”). Most of the time, 90% of the victims, know the abuser in some way. Unfortunately, 68% are parents and family members(“Concrete Angel”). Someone reports child abuse every ten seconds.

How can I help?
We can all help by discussing child abuse with your children, at least once every year. Teaching infants in school could also be a way to help. If you know anyone who is being abused, let someone know NOW! You could also talk to your counselor or teacher at school. So many infants are dying, so help NOW!(“How you can cure child abuse!”).

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