Bipolar Disorder

You might know some people that have Bipolar Disorder. Over 10 million people are affected by Bipolar Disorder In America. I done this research because I read a book name The Rules Of Survival,one of the main characters in The Rules Of Survival has Bipolar Disorder.
This Frequently Asked Question(F.A.Q.) page has questions about Bipolar Disorder that is answered by facts below.

What Is Bipolar Disorder?

Bipolar disorder is a illness that causes extreme shifts in mood,energy and functioning,Bipolar Disorder is also called Mania or Depression(Duckworth). Combinations of biologic,and environmental factors triggers stuff in the brain to set imbalances in the brain( It often begins in early adulthood and, it can also happen to children too. The illness can last days,months,even years(Duckworth). Genetic or hereditary components lead to the risk of bipolar disorder (

What Can Lead To Bipolar Disorder?

Well there are a lot of symptoms that come along with Bipolar Disorder or Mania/Depression.
Symptoms of Mania: unpleasant mood,racing thoughts and ideas, increased energy and talking,ambitious risk taking,impulsive activity such as spending sprees,sexual indiscretion ,and alcohol abuse. Symptoms in Depression: loss of energy,sadness,increased feelings of worry and anxiety,less interest or participation less enjoyment,feelings of guilt and hopeless,thoughts of suicide.
There is no cure of bipolar Disorder but it can be treatable and manageable. This illness requires a lifelong treatment(Duckworth).

How Many People Are Affected By Bipolar Disorder?

There are over 10 million people who have Bipolar Disorder in America. Bipolar Disorder can effect both men and women and even children too. Bipolar Disorder has no cure but it is treatable and manageable,and it also takes a lifelong treatments to treat it and to manage it(Duckworth). 5.7 adults in America have Bipolar Disorder and 2.6% of people 18 or older have Bipolar Disorder every year in America. The Median age of adults that have bipolar disorder is 25 years of age. Bipolar Disorder can effect all Ages,Races,Ethnic groups and Social Classes. ( (National Insitude Of Mental Health) More than 2/3 people with Bipolar Disorder have at least one relative with the illness. Bipolar Disorder is the 6th leading cause of disablility in the world.
( (World Health Organization)

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