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Alcohol Abuse FAQ
Have you ever tasted the relieving taste of beer or wine, maybe even whiskey? You get happy and it's like nothing else matters anymore, and you just wanna be away forever. Well in reality away from the painful addiction of alcohol every thing does matter. When you drink you let go. Your kids, family, maybe even your dog, nothing matters when your under the influence. Have you ever wondered what alcohol can do to you? In the FAQ, important questions about the use of alcohol were asked and answered. You may have asked your self these questions before and never knew what you were doing to yourself...

What is alcohol?
Alcohol is a clear drink made from corn, barley, grain, rye, or ethyl. You wouldn't think that all of that in one drink would settle well in your stomach, it doesn't. About 20% of it is absorbed in your stomach and 80% is absorbed in the small intestine. How fast it is absorbed depends on the type of drink and if your stomach is full of food or empty. Once the junk is absorbed in the tissue it affects the mind and body. It makes you see hazy and makes you think things are in different places then they appear to be. Then it leaves the body through the kidney, live, or lungs (“What Is Alcohol?”).

Can alcohol kill?
The answer is yes! Alcohol is a depressant, so it slows down the brain. It makes your ability to walk, think, speak, and see, harder! If you drink to much alcohol, you could also get alcohol poisoning, which could kill you! Alcohol also damages the liver, and the liver removes poison from the blood (“alcohol”). Alcohol does not kill brain cells! In fact, alcohol only damages dendrites, which are the ends of nerve cells that send messages to the cell. A drink wont kill cells, it damages the way they communicate, and it is largely reversible (Does alcohol kill brain cells?”).

What damage is caused to a long term drinker?
A long term drinker damages cells and changes them over time. The more you drink the worse it gets. Even little amounts can have a high risk of harm on someone. After smoking, alcohol is the second biggest risk for cancer located in the mouth and throat. If your female, and drink more than three times a day, you up your chances of breast cancer. Drinking alcohol cause memory loss, which means, all the memories you have, are GONE, BYE BYE! Is it worth it? Most long term drinkers are over weight, being over weight can also cause diabetes. If your a long term drinker, you just increased your chances of having a stroke which are cause by blood clots. You have probably seen a long term drinker before. They are the ones with poor skin, brittle ugly hair, and nails. There the ones with bad breath and reek of alcohol. A long term drinker is VERY beautiful :) ( Infoscotland).

What makes alcohol addicting to a user?
To be an addict, it was maybe the way you were raised, genetics, your environment, or mental problems (“Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse”) The more alcohol that is consumed into the body, the more you urge for. Ethanol is what makes alcohol addicting to a user, which is poisonous to the body. Ethanol is also used as a fuel for heat and light. Drinkers drink because it makes there day “better” or less stressful. When alcohol enters the body, dopamine is released. It causes the human body to feel good and it makes more endorphins (the brains painkiller) which leads to cravings (Hinneburg).

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