Jayvon Moser
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This paper is about the effect of guns and how it effect America and the social life. Some times guns can be dangerous but sometimes its used for protection. America need to know how gun can effect us.
What is the issues that America face with gun ownership?
Guns are not a big issue in America. Recent studies show that ever since the 90's break in robberies went down 15% but only for crimes. It's a big issue if you have kids in the household. If you are that type of person who get spooked real easy having a gun is dangerous to children in the household. You can be at home and your child is going to the bathroom. You hear quiet footstep outside your room so you get your gun out. You go check it out and your child spooked you somehow and you pulled the trigger and shot your own child maybe killed him or her( the Dangers of Gun control).

What are gun laws in different states?
Guns have laws like everything else. Different states have different laws.
In Colorado you have to have a permit. You also have to have your ID and the registration to the gun. They are also letting college students have guns on campus. The school board says that the students are allowed to keep a gun, but it has to be put up somewhere, where know one will know were it's at but that student. It can't be carried in the school's classrooms or the school's hallways. It can be in their cars or in their rooms if they stay on campus.
In South Carolina you have to be ages 21 or older. You have to have your permit and a application provision of the statues and regulation. You also cannot have criminal record. Not one of those records like a DUI or charge will narcodices. It have to be serious like murder or something like that.
In North Carolina you have to have a ID and a gun permit. It cannot be cared in the pocket in stores or other places. If in the car it cannot be loaded with any cercanstances(Crime/Punishment).

What are the laws and the danger of Airsoft or BB guns?
Airsoft is consider a toy but it loolks like the real thing. It's also dangrous. In 2005 over 19,000 people was injuried from airsoft. 71% of those injuries was 20 years of age or younger(CDC). BB guns can reach the speeds of at least 100 feet per second. Also most of those injuries was eye injuries. Laws was made for those reasons. The law for Airsoft guns are You do not have to have a gun permit to own a Airsoft gun. The tip of the barrel have to be bright orange and at least 6mm wide. For some states like New York, Washington DC, Chicago, San Francisco and Michigan made Airsoft guns illeagl. They have had to many crimes where the mistaken a Airsoft gun with a real one(AirSoft gun Regitration).
Know that you know how guns effect the United States of America. when you think about getting one you always remeber that guns are not toys and they are verty dangerous.

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