Adrian Addison
Research FAQ paper
May 12 2010

Emmett Till

The story of Emmett Till is a story that has not been forgotten, but for some reason no one wants to talk about it. Maybe people do not talk about it because the story brings back the emotions of hatred, anger, and racism.

(what did he do?)The story all started in 1955 in Mississippi. Emmett Till was a 14 year old boy from Chicago,Illinois who came to Mississippi to visit his uncle. One day Emmett went to the store to go buy some gum. Rumors went around the store that Emmett whistled at white woman named Carolyn Bryant.(“Emmett Till Murder . com”)

(Is Carolyn Bryant still living)Carolyn Bryant was the wife of Roy Bryant one of the two men that murdered Emmett. I do not know if she is still living but if she is she would be 76 years old. I believe Mrs. Bryant still lives in Mississippi if she still lives. In the research I found that she does not like questions about Till that is why she has signs in front of her house saying no trespassing. (“Emmett Till Murder .com”)

(what did they do to him)Emmett Till went back to his uncles' house and stayed their over the night. Late that night Roy Bryant and his half brother J.W Milam kidnapped Till and brutally murdered him. A couple days later they found his body around the Tallahatchie river. The were trialed and acquitted. (“Death of the Accused”)

(Are Roy and J.W still living) J.W Milam died at the age 61 on December 31 1980 at the Veterans Hospital. Roy Bryant died at the age 63 on September 1 1994 both died at the Baptist Hospital. Roy had divorced Carolyn Bryant and married his second wife(I do not know her name). ("Emmett Till Murder .com")

(what happened after the murder)This case is the one of the reasons why the civil rights movement started in the first place. This caused a lot of trouble in the south and was soon to be all over America. This trial is not usually talked about in elementary because of the graphic material. That is one of the reasons why not much people know about the Emmett Till case.(“Emmett Till Murder .com”)

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