Playing cards


The history of playing cards was first played in the Muslim world. The paper was invented in China. Between 1367-1378 three bans (cards) were not allowed in Europe. Cards back then was known as “Domino cards”. During the 1400's-19th century arts were coming in to the picture for the background of the cards. This idea came from the tarot cards. I am writing this cause I am reading a book called I am the messenger and in it there are 4 aces and this is related to playing cards.

Why are there 52 cards in a deck?

There are 52 cards in a deck because there are 4 suits that you have to have in order to play the game. They are called french deck. There are 13 cards in a suit and the all go to 1-10 Jack,Queen,King,Ace.
The card names are Diamonds,Hearts,Spades,Clubs.(“Standard 52 card deck”)

What can gambling lead to?

Gambling has many bad problems that can lead too and some of them can cost you. Gambling can lead to problems at home with relationships and other related things. Gambling could cost you your job by not having money cause you spent it on lottery tickets and not having a way to work. Gambling could lead you to financial catastrophe. Gambling could get you in trouble by you stealing money and going gambling cause you have got addicted to it. Gambling could cost you to loose everything u ever owned if your not careful.(“ Gambling addiction & problems”)

why do people do card tricks?

People do card tricks because they want to look good and show people that it works and that they know how to do it. Card tricks take honest people. Professional magicians get there by putting in a lot of practice with the hand movement. Card tricks can be cool at times and they can get frustrating at times. Card playing/tricks can pay off if your really good at it. Card tricks can come very popular if you people off the street cause they will wanna start to get in to it. (“easy magic tricks free card magician secrets”)

How do magicians throw cards?

Can I throw playing cards? Of course here is how you do it, step one:get a deck of just plain cards, Get a card from the deck and hold it between your middle finder and index finger. To throw the card give your wrist a little snap and release the card while moving your wrist you may have to practice for a while. Never aim at animals or humans you can get really bad cuts. (“History of playing cards”)
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