My topic is on Domestic abuse. In the book I'm reading there is a married couple and he abuse his wife and kids every night. They are so scared they don't know how to get out .He gets drunk and comes home and abuse there mother,and rape his daughter.

What is Domestic Abuse?
Domestic abuse is a serious problem,and if your in a domestic abuse relationship. You should get out. Domestic abuse is when your getting physically, or emotionally abused. More women are common to be in this kind of relationship,because they do not know how to get out soon enough,when the verbal abuse start.(“Facts&Statistics On Domestic Violence”).

What are the consequences?
There are many consequences for Domestic abuse. Like Domestic abuse counseling, probation or parole,anger management class,fines and others. When your are charge with domestic abuse its goes on your record and, its hard to find a job. Its a real danger charge to have.(“learn the facts”)

Who is it more common for men or women?

More women are abuse by rape,physically,and emotional. Its usually start around the teen years for the girls,because her boy friend don't like something she has on or who she hang out with. 90% of Domestic abuse come from women.(“facts&statistics Domestic violence”).

Who are your abuser?
Abusers are not easy to spot,they can be anywhere. There is no “TYPICAL” abuser to the public eye. A abuser comes off nice and sweets to friends in family, but then behind close doors he or she strikes. The abuser is not total fault to there actions. Often the see there mother or father getting abuse in there home when they was little. They pick up whats going on in there house and use it in the real world.(“Who Are The Abuser”)

How can I get more information?
Abuse is never okay. Your not alone help is always yours if you just ask.(“Introduction”). There are hot lines you can call if you need help and you don't have another way”s out.

  • 1-800-799-safe(7233)-or- TTY 1-800-787-3234
National Domestic Abuse Hotline.


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