In my book I am the messenger the main character ed is in a bank robbery bank robbery's such as the one ed was in is one that happens almost everyday. While I red I thought about how interesting bank robbery's are that's what gave me the idea to do bank robbery's in my page I talk about how long you sit in jail for robbing a bank and how to prevent bank robbery's just check my page out.

Q: When was the first bank robbery?

A: The first bank robbery was in the late summer of 1798 his name was pat Lyon. He got away with $162,821 from the bank of Pennsylvania at carpenters hall during the night of Saturday, august 31. They say the robbery was in inside job he was working inside and when no one was around he went over and got the money.<Charles>

Q: What is the dye stuff they put in bank robbers bags called?

A: it's called a dye pack it is put in the bag while the cashier is putting the money in the bag while the robbers are making a run for it it will explode and red dye will get all over the money and the bag witch mess up the robbers game plan so the money is unusable.<Charles>

Q: What is the longest sentence for robbing a bank?

A: the longest sentence for robbing a bank is life bank robbery's are a federal crime so if you use assault to get the money the punishment is way worse then someone who walks in the banks and just takes the money.<Charles>
Q: Are bank robbers more likely to get caught or getaway?

A: police say bank robbers are more likely to get caught and the more crimes they commit the bigger the chances of getting caught so the best choice is to not do it at all there more likely to get caught because when they go to cash all the money it might tip a cop.<MSNBC>

Q: What is difference between burglary and robbery?

A:Burglary is the intent to break into a building without consent with content of making a crime Inside. while robbery is pretty much the same thing. Except your using force or weapons and the penalty for robbery is way worse then burglary.

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