Physical Abuse!!!
By: Kourtnei Marie™
Date: May 12, 2010

Physical abuse is no laughing matter it is very real. It happens to someone everyday. It could be going on in one of your best friend's life and you not have a clue about it. Physical abuse is no joke so don't take it as one. It's not cool, funny, and it doesn't make anyone stronger, it just makes you look more like a wimp. In this FAQ paper there is a question then the first paragraph under the question, answers the question, the second paragraph under that is my input, what I think about the situation. Then it continues on for two more questions. My paper is about Physical abuse. What it is, why someone would even think about it, and how many children are affected by it every year. I think this topic is important because you should think about your actions before you do them. You're affecting more than one person and you're hurting them.

1).What is Physical Abuse?

Physical abuse is mean, stupid, and also completely idiotic. People who physically abuse others are just weak and they have to beat up on people that are smaller and weaker than them. Physical abuse is the most easily spotted form of abuse. It may be any kind of hitting, shaking, burning, pinching, biting, choking, throwing, beating, && other actions that cause physical injury, leaves marks and, or produces significant physical pain to another(“Abuse” TeensHealth). It's anything that one does to another person to bring them harm or physical pain(“What is Physical Abuse”)
The worst thing to be known as is a physical abuser... now I'm sure you're probably thinking well murders are worse, but in reality when you think about it murders are physical abusers. They beat and kill others. So how are they any different from someone who beats on people? They aren't, that's just it. They're all the same, they do the same things to people... and plus, someone CAN be beaten to death. You shouldn't want to be known as an abuser, people will look down upon you for it.

2).Why would someone want to be abusive?

Some people learn from their parents and don't know any different. They just simply turn the role around on others. People can also have a mental disorder so that they can't control and it makes it harder to control them-selves(“Abuse” Mental Help) .
Well for the people that can help it. What's the deal? It doesn't make you stronger you just look more like a jerk to me. If you want to be strong go mess with someone your own size you probably won't mess with anyone ever again. But, to the people with the mental disorder that can't help it, get them a stress ball or a punching bag with gloves. You know, something for them so that when they do get mad they can take it out on something other than a person.

3).How many children die from being physically abused each year?

In, 2007, approximately 5.8 million children were involved in an estimated 3.2 million child abuse reports && allegations.(“Child abuse in America”)
Honestly how could someone kill their own child? What is the matter with people in this world today? Obviously something's not clicking in their heads... like my mom always says “They aren't clicking on all 8 cylinders.” Meaning something not right in their minds. and I agree 100% with my mom when she says that because you have got to be out of your mind to kill an innocent child just because your drunk, mad, or you didn't got your daily dose of crack. And if you're a teen or child and you are reading this and you have this problem or you don't know how to deal with it - know that there are ways to get away from it. You just have to tell someone, like an authority figure, that you don't feel safe at home then they'll help you. And remember, you never have to deal with it if you don't want too.

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