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Curtis haynie
Run away slaves
Curtis This is about Run away slaves and how they were treated .This is important because this is the American history and we need to know what happen in the past. So I hope you enjoy the these paragraphs of Run away slaves.

Why are slaves running away?
Slaves were running away because they were mistreated and not given enough food to eat and beaten to death( “Run away slaves”). But most of all they wanted to run away to be free and have their own life they also wanted to get a job and make money live in a house that they own and make a family (“Run away slaves”). So they got tired of this non sense and they said “Hey we ant gonna stay here the rest of are life here I wanna be free ' and to be free they had to run away.

What happen to the caught slaves?

I feel very sorry for the slaves who got caught. The slaves that were caught running away would be severely punish (“Caught slaves”).Like beaten to death sometimes they would chop there foot off and do exceptionally hard work therefore if they cant do it they will be severely beaten . Also sometimes sold to a different owner(“Caught slaves”).

Where were they running to?
I know some of you were wondering why were the slaves running off to. The slaves were trying to escape north because that's were they will be free The north use to be the safest way to go until more and more slaves were disappearing( freedom video”). Then the whites started to get suspicious then they found out that the slaves were escaping north. Then they started sending hound dogs up north to find the run away slaves so the slaves tried to trick them and head south and it work .therefor they went to the under ground rail road and became free.

Who led the slaves?

So who led the slaves Harriet Tubman. Harriet Tubman use to be a runaway slave from Maryland,putting her self at risk she led a hundred slaves to freedom at the underground railroad(“Harriet Tubman”).
After that then she became the Abolitionist , then she was a spy for the federal forces in south Carolina during the civil war.