Kenon Jones
How do immigrants cross the border?
Crossing the Border
Have you ever wondered how immigrants cross the border well they have a lot of ways to do so .Immigrants pay professionals who smuggle illegal immigrants across the they are know as coyotes(“Illegal Entry”).Coyotes are also involved in smuggling drugs to the US and they know how to very well.
Immigration have be going on for a long time now. They past down how to walk the route and which way to go. From generation they key off geographical landmarks like mountain ranges(news.national geographicomc.). Some cross through a hole in the fence and then hire a taxi. Taxi is someone who they pay to pick them up on the side of the rode or the highway(
A lot of immigrants put they self in danger when crossing the border. Some die in the desert,get in car accident, some even get killed by the border patrol men , but most die because the routes they take( immigrants go through the mountains and waterways like canals and rivers. Therefore a lot die by droning.
Have you ever thought are immigrants smart?. Well they are very smart,some immigrants build things to help them to get a cross. Some immigrants build underground tunnels that are made great. They build these tunnels to smuggle drugs in places or to get to a place quicker,it is very safe to go in the tunnel and some be having reconditioning in it(tv).
Immigrants just don't come to the US for no reason,there home land is facing problems. Some of the problems they face is that the economic is bad, the people make enough money, some are even forced to move( think if you was a immigrant what would you do,how far would you go to have a better life.

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