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ganglandThe information on this paper is about Mexican gangs and how they crossing the border and one vocabulary word, "Cholos". I got this idea from this book I am reading called “Crossing the Wire.” It's basically about the information I have on this paper. If you haven't read this book, then you need to because you don't know what you are missing this book. This book about two Mexicans crossing the border to get a job so they can help there parents with money.

What gangs are near the Mexican and U.S. Border ?

MS-13 is one of the gangs located near the Mexican and the U.S border. This gang is one of the most terrifying gang in the world. Another gang that is by the border, is Mara 18 is also a a very dangerous gang. They both smuggle cocain and weed across the border. They say that these Mexican gangs bring more drugs to the U.S.then the Columbians! That must be a lot of drugs there smuggling (“gangs by the border”).

Are the gangs by the border popular ?

Yes! The gangs by the border are popular because those two gangs have killed a lot of people, and have got people killed by selling drugs. They also scare people because of their past history like MS-13. They are known to be the most dangerous gang in the U.S. It is said that, there is a lot of Spanish people in that gang(Wikipedia).
This gang was originated in Los Angeles, set up by Salvadoreans in the city of pico-union. The original whole purpose of the gang was to protect Salvadoreans from other established gangs such as Mexicans and Africans. But almost all of the real gang members got deported.

What is a cholo ?
mixed kids. Like if a black male had a baby with a Indian females.

Does tattoos have a lot to do with gangs?

Yes it does because gang members get tattoos for rank,so that's like if you kill someone and your in a gang you can get tear drops. So basically if you do something big in a gang then u can get a tattoo to show you have proof you did it. they mostly get tattoos on there faces to use it as sign language(Wikipedia “Mara salvatrucha”).

This is a racial slur created by Hispanics in the 16 hundreds. It is used against mixed American Indian ancestry(Wikipedia). which means
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