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Kids Crossing the Border Excuse, me but have you ever wondered about kids trying to cross the border and what challenges they are going through? If you did than you should read my reaserch paper which anwsers questions like what happens with drugs and kids on the border and other things. If you do choose to read it, it will probably open up a different parts of the world to you to know that these kind of things happen. I would like you to know some of the stuff I found, so if you do read this here it is.

Did you know there is about 7 million up to 20 million or more immigrants living in the U.S. But no one is for certain, because most illegal immigrants avoid taking census questionnaires. Like in 2000 the U.S Census Bureau estimated about 8.7 million illegal immigrants. Also in 2003 the U.S citizenship and immigration services estimated 7 million. Since 2003 the number of illegal immigrants has grown by 500,000 a year.(Knickerbocker)
Another good question to ask would be what happens to kids on the border?Well kids that try and cross the border are at risk of getting robbed, assaulted, sexually assaulted or dieing. Most immigrant kids die of dehydration or animal attacks. Some are lucky enough to cross the border and some just aren't that lucky. About more than 40,000 Mexican kids are caught every year.(Sansegundo)
If you've ever known there has been assassinations, shootouts and rampant institutional corruption, all because of people selling drugs.Now they have added school kids to the problem by using them as drug mules.Kids come from all over the world to America and all they want is a better life, except now some of the kids are being caught with drugs taped to their bodies. Some are lucky enough not to get caught and some just aren't that lucky. An example is like what happened at San Ysidro Middle school. Three kids were caught smuggling drugs across the border.(Teens Used To Smuggle Drugs Across Border)
The story behind it was that it was two boys and one girl.Two of them being thirteen and the other being fourteen.Being all recruited at the apartment complex, near the school. When they were asked questions the boys say that they were threatened into smuggling drugs.The girl said that she did it because they offered her sixty dollars.She took the offer because she really wanted to buy a new dress for graduation. After the teacher found out who did it.They were shocked espicially because of the girl. Because they know that she wasa real good student and because everyday she came to class they saw her eargerness to learn.I feel the teachers were devestated to know that she took this path.(Teens Used To Smuggle Drugs Across Border)
The thing is that it's not just kids from Tijuana.Its also kids from the other side of the the border, like along the border of San Diego and also Imperial County.But kids smuggling drugs is starting to become a major problem which continues to rise. But most of the smugglers are from Tijuana, the only good thing about this is that the U.S Federal officials are catching more teenagers crossing the border with drugs now.Hopefully this will scare the recruiters into stopping what thier doing.(Teens Used To Smuggle Drugs Across Border)


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