Well I am about to talk about the risk you have when ever you in a gang. I think this are gonna make you think of the things that you have to go through and why is it not good to be in a gang. I am also gonna talk about the gangs and there rivals that they have and also about the consequences they have to face at the end when ever you wanna quit a gang.

Who are the gangs and where are they located?
Well, many gangs demonstrate their self's by representing trough symbols,colors,graffiti,hands sings and words. The Sure nos represent their self by the color blue and by the number “13”and the tree dots. They are a lot of surenos but each of them have thereown street. The surenos gangs is located in loch barrios of southern California. The surenos can be found in more than 30 states but mostly in the southern state.“People Nation”). The Bloods identifies them self's by the color red. The bloods use the number “5” or five stars.They are rivals with the creeps and many other gangs. The creeps are one of the most violent street gang in the united state. They have more than 30,000 to 35,000 members(“Bloods”).
The Mara Salvatore(MS.,Mara,MS 13) is a gangs that is in loch angels and it has spread through central America and some parts of the Unites State and Mexico. They are rivals with the gangs Beltran-leyva cartel, Leos Zetas and Juarez Cartel(“MS-13”). The gang of Leos Zetas are criminals organization in Mexico and they are most dedicated to international illegal drugs trade. They are rivals with Sinatra Cartel, La Familiar Cartel and Gulf Cartel(“People Nations”).

Why do people get in gangs?
Sometimes people get in gangs to feel that they are more powerful than other people and they wanna make people feel less. I also thing people or teenagers enjoy gangs to get attention or to feel like they are part of it(“Teens and Gangs”). They thing if they enjoy gangs they thing they are gonna have more friend and friends that really care about them but I think the “real friend” wont let you do things bad so why do we call them friend? Well first of all because they want to feel like they have a family and they wanna feel cool with people like that(“Why do young people join gangs”).
Second because they just wanna have all the attention on them. I think gangs are gonna take you to problems with the cops or other people. Sometimes people enjoy gangs do feel like they are part of something or they belong to something. People enjoy gangs because they feel like is safety and security and nothing would happen to them if they are in a group or gang(“Teens and Gangs”).Also people join gangs because they feel like there family has abandoned them and they thing if they enjoy a gang they will have a family. They also thing that the gangs is gonna put some clothes in there back and some food in there plate. But unfortunately they are to young to realize that there are being hooked into an organization that could kill them or put them in to bars(“Why do you think people join gangs”).

What if you wanna quit a gang?
Sometimes they quit gangs because of the way they treat the people. When you get in a gang makes you feel special but then they relies they are wasting there time so they like decide to quit. I think sometimes people quit the gang because they feel like they are not safety. Sometimes when a member of the gang want to quit he has to get beat up or jumped out. Also if you try to quit sometimes they can end up shooting you Why? Because they think that the person that quit the gang is a trader (“Why youth people quit gangs”).