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FAQ about Illegal Immigrants
Hey,do you ever wonder about illegal immigrants. Like how they make it across hundreds of miles of nothing but desert. I gathered information about some FAQ about illegal immigrants. I chose three questions and wrote 1-2 paragraphs about them. If you want to know where I got my information or want to know more about it, my sources are under the bibliography at the bottom of the page.

Do kids cross the border without adults?”

Yes, on average 250,000 illegal immigrants cross the U.S/Mexico border each year. ¼ of the 250,000 are children under the age of 18. Kids that use a coyote are at risk of getting rape or molested. Girls are at more risk than boys are. Most of the kids that cross, the parents already work in the United States. Most parents wants their kids to cross with a drug smuggler. Why in the world would you give your child to a drug smuggler. The drug smuggler don't care what happens to your child as long as they make their money.(“Mexico- United States border”)

What is work like for the border patrol?”

There are currently 42 Border Patrols at the border today. The border is a very large place to protect. The border stretches over 2,000 miles. It goes from southern California to southern Texas. That is a lot of border patrolling for only 42 border patrol. Sometimes the border gets dangerous because drug smugglers wants to get drugs into the U.S. Most of the time drug smugglers bring guns to shoot at the officers, but the border patrol trained for dangerous situations.(CNN)

The Border patrol men are very athletic so they can catch illegal immigrants trying to make it across the border. The Border is 12ft. High, so pretend that you are an illegal immigrant trying to get a better life in the U.S. You are trying to cross the 12ft. Border while the border patrol is shooting at you. It would be very difficult and then as soon as you cross the border all the border patrol do is call the the local S.W.A.T team to come and get you.(“Mexico-United States Border”)

How could illegal immigrants survive in the scorching heat?”

Only smart illegal immigrants will cross at dawn, where the sun isn't burning down on them. Most of the illegal immigrants find homes where the owners are not home and they take all the food and clothes that they can carry. Food only lasts so long before they have to get some more. From Mexico
the border is across a long desert. You have to make it across the border with not many homes to get food from, and you have to cross the border into another border . You have to cross the border into the U.S while the border patrol are looking for you. (“U.S Today”)

Most immigrants die before they cross the border,because of the heat. There is no water 'til you reach the U.S so you have to cross hundreds upon hundreds of miles. Some illegal immigrants bring water and food in their backpacks. Now, say your getting chase by the border patrol and you end up getting away. Here is the bad part your out of water, but you can't stop or the border patrol will get you. You are really tired, so put yourself in that situation. Do you think that you would make it to the U.S (“U.S Immigration Support”)

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