Akili Bowrey
I am talking about the boarder between Mexico and the United states because in my book a kid was trying to cross the boarder so he could come here to get money and send back to his parents.
What are the Dangers of crossing the boarder?
Some of the dangers of crossing the boarder are that there is not enough water it gets very hot and there is always the threat of getting caught by the boarder patrol. The article said that temperatures in southern Arizona can easily reach 110 degrees Fahrenheit.
The article also said the the number one killer of crossing the boarder is dehydration. It is also a really long distance to walk before you get to any city. It said the best thing top do is to just stay home or come over legally. (Health on the boarder).
What is the problem with smuggling drugs?
people are constantly smuggling drugs and some of the places they are coming from is south of the crossing the boarder?. I guess the only problem is that it is illegal. If you get caught doing that I guess you can go to jail for a very long time.(HSNN).
Why are people crossing the boarder?
They reason why they cross the boarder is because they are in search for a better life. I guess the life down there I think you have to work a lot harder and you don't get paid as much money but in united states you don't have to work as hard but you get paid a lot more.(Wikipedia).
How do people cross the boarder?
The main way people get across the boarder I either through a hole in the fence or crossing with coyotes in cars. Coyotes are people who charge Mexicans a whole lot of money to get across the border . They usually stuff way too many people in a car and cross the Arizona desert.(CFP).