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Sarahi Gallardo
Research Paper


Do you know about gangs or gangsters near the border of Mexico? Are you in a gang or are you a gangster??? Who/how are gangsters or gangs??? how do they look/dress??? What do they do???
All those questions you maybe asking your self well now we found the answers for them!!! If you wont to know the answer to all the questions then read the passages below and you will know even more then what you need! Here find out more of whats out there in the border of Mexico that many people don't know! Is it for good or bad?? Well lets fiend out.......

1)What are the gangs near the border that are more famous around there?
The gangs that are more famous around the border of Mexico is Mara Salvatrucha aka M.S.(18) And Surenos aka SUR(13) (“Illegal Alien Gang in American News”). By the way both of these gangs have there Mafia for one reason why they have drugs. Both of this gangs are the most want gangs! One of the most powerful prison gang in the United States is the 3 dot triangle gang which is the Surenos but Mara Salvatrucha isn't far off ( These gangs are made up of cholos and cholas. Which is and are made up of Mexicans. These is why there is some in the border of Mexico and the united States. But don't just think they are here because they sound to be world wide. Befor I forget Surenos are the most Dangerous gang out there!

2)Why are there reasons for being near the border and that they do most often?
These happens because they get drugs though one way to another! Mota(marijuana), Cocaine, and more. These is one of the reasons why they have a lot of money and stay healthy. Its more like there job! Mexican traffickers supplied 77% of Cocaine and last year 92%. So from that we can tell that they are getting better about each year. Drugs have been successful in the past two decades.("illegal alien gang in america news")(

3)Who are they and how do they dress?(Suenos aka Southerners aka Sur13 aka Sur XIII aka .:X3:.)

*Well thies people are mostly found and are more around in Los Angeles, Califorina, Mexico, United States Of America, and more. When police pepole started to find out it was about in 1960-Present. Thies gang is active about everywhere all around us people. Most of there territory is Southern California. But not just there because some of it is in Mexico. There ethinicity of people in it are Hispanic, Latin, Mexican, and Chicano. All the criminal things I need to worn you people about is are things like murder, drugs, trafficking, extortion, assault, graffiti, and auto robbery. An did you know there allies is Mexican Mafia. They also have there rivals to they are the Nortenos (buster or chap (chapete), Known World Wide!!!("surenos") Surenos where blue because thats there color and what they ripersent,but in pants and stuff they were what ever like every one els but they love to mach like with dickies and other kind. In shoes they mostly ware Nike Cortez shoes!


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