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The Dangers of The Border

Immigration is a big issue in this time period. I picked this topic because in the book "Crossing the wire" there is a boy that must immigrate to the U.S. so he can get money to send it back to his mom.
What makes the border between Mexico and the U.S. a big situation?
The border between Mexico and the U.S. is a big situation in United States today. There are over 500 people crossing the border each year. Some don't make it and to me that is a horrible thought. Between 1998-2004 there have been over 1,954 death's because of starvation, or just don't know the way(“migrant deaths along Mexico border”).

Why is there a border?
Little kids from the ages 3-5 years old in Mexico are always asking why did they build the border?The answer to this question is that there have been so many drugs and immigrants entering the U.S.. Its not just Mexico that brings the drugs to the U.S.,But the majority is from Mexico.(Mexico Border”). The border is approximate 1,969 miles long and according to the international boundary it is the most frequently crossed international border in the world(Mexico).

What are the charges to get past the border and who are coyotes?
The people that help immigrants cross over are called the coyotes. They are they most known to help people cross over. Coyotes know a lot of ways to get toward the U.S.(Wise Geek). They charge you about $2,800 to $5,000 it depending on if you walk, if you don't then they are going to charge you more. If you are found trying to cross the border by your self and no coyote helping you they say if a coyote caches you, you have to pay them what ever amount they tell you and if you don't they'll send you to their boss and.....well I'll let you find out by your self.
What are some stories or myths about the border?
Their have been stories along the border. They say there are so many death's there. For this reason they tell people that are new to the border to find safety before 9 clock. The nastiest thing of all is that they sell food that you have never tasted or probably even seen. My advice is to not even ask what it is.
New Law For Immigrations In The U.S.

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