Joseline Diaz
The Every Day of Slaves
May 11, 2010

There are many things people may not know much like how they were punished not just by whipping or what they wore and how they got it many interesting things that people may have never ever thought of. So what was there lives really like?

*Where did slaves come from and how?*
There are many places slavery took place at like in Ethiopia and Eritrea, Somalia and Africa. Most people when they talk about slavery think about Africa. But there were other places were they got slaves from. There was a lots Indian ocean trade and Atlantic ocean trade. In Africa there were many people token hold of as slaves. Cowrie shells were used as money in slave trade. (Effect on the Economy of Africa) There were many other places that slavery was token place.
As many of 20 million Africans were transported In a ship.(Slave Ship) That's a lot of slaves in a boat!! Many of those slaves did not survive do to the lack of medical care and food supplies. So many died . Most of the slaves were miss treated. Women slave where raped on the boat and every one else were beat like

2 *What were the slaves clothing?

Well every year the slaves got only one pair of socks, a pair of shoes two linen shirts, two trousers, one jacket and a wool hat. (“ The Life as Slave”) They must try to take good care of there cloths to make them last longer. The slaves did the there own washing, mending and cooking when they were done with there jobs. (“Plantation Life”) All that work plus all of your needs you need in your life. I would have bean real tired!
All the mending and washing would probably take up the time they could be resting or being with there family and just talk. Where did stay you would ask well they stayed in wooden shacks that had dirt floors, sometimes there house were made of boards nailed up with cracks stuffed up with old rags. There beds were pieces of straw or grasses collected and old rags one blanket. Sometimes one room would have about one dozen men women and children. (“The Life as Slave”)

3 *What where most common jobs for all slaves?

All slaves had different kinds of jobs some had multiple jobs. Adult males were primary to tend the fields pastures and gardens. They had to do lots of bending over jobs it was hard for them. More skilled slaves worked as blacksmith and carpenters. (Plantation Life) There were different kind of jobs for female and children slaves. They usually served as tending to the masters family, cooks, servants and house maids. Slaves were not employed to any significant extent for productive purpose. Some even bought there own freedom and began with there social life.(African Slave Trade) So even if you think they were enslaved for life they had some benefits. Trafficked children as young as 2 years old are forced to work up to 18 hours a day as camel jockeys in some Middle Eastern states.(Slave Trade)

4 *What were some of the punishment for slaves?

Some slaves often tried to run away so there were many punishments for that very harsh punishments! One of the most common punishment was that they got whipped or at least that's what most people know about. In South Carolina a slave owner put nail in the inside of the barrel and sticking out of it! Then he put the slave in the barrel and rolled it down a steep hill. Talk about harsh that must have bean a very painful and not a nice sight ether. (The Life as Slave) Some slaves where smoked and others got beaten by many things like chairs, brooms, tong shovel, shears, knife handles, heavy ends of women shoes and oak club. Most of them were used because they where near them and got a hold of them. But they did some heavy damage .