Copper sun-Slavery

Richard White
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Life as a slave was hard this is why I chose to write about this certain topic. These people went through alot. So through out this paper I will explain to you how slaves were treated and how slavery started.

Whats life like on a plantation ?

Plantation life for slavery was bad. They had to work long hours and do their jobs in bad condiction's such as being in the hot sun,suffering of dehydration, and making sure that they weren't going to get bit by any type of animal mostly snakes. Most slaves would sing songs while working to keep there minds off of how horrible they were being treated such as getting whipped. One of the jobs were hoeing the dirt and planting the rice even pregnant women would work in the fields, also kids.(Opala)

Runaway slaves

Most slaves would rather die than to be in slavery quoted by a former slave. So some slaves chose to run away and try to get to freedom. Some succeed and some didn't. This was hard for them because they had no money and often they didn't have shoes to wear. Now think about you running in a race with no shoes just barefooted, I don't think you would make it so far. Some slave owners would cut the big toe of their slave if they were caught running away this was to make the slave not be able to run as well with out his toe. (Runaway slaves).

How Slave were treated?(Mistreated)

To most slaves a beating would be almost often to them. Slaves would get 30 to 40 lashes if they misbehave, also slaves would get chained up and sold to another slave owner. Slavery was not only crude but it was and unfair labor which existed as a legal institution on American soil before the founding of the United States in 1776. Some girls were given to other men for presents for their birthday,and these young girls couldn't do anything to try to protect themselves this was a wicked thing.(Slavery in the U.S)(Runaway slaves).

Slavery was going on in the United States for a long period of time also in other countries slavery did not only effect blacks/African Americans slavery came to a point where two sets of race didn't like each other. God doesn't see white, Black, Mexican he thinks we are all regular people. so why don't we see that too. God made everybody in his own image so we need to realize the most important things in life.

Origions of slavery

Slavery also goes back to 10,000 years to Mesopotamia slavery was also in Rome, Greece, Medieval Europe where a male slave was worth a date palm female slaves were called on for sexual services gaining freedom only when their masters died this was a horrible thing. To me slavery was one of the worst things that happened to the world no body should ever go through what women, children and men had to go through but as to this day there is still slavery going on in other countries. (A brief history of slavery)

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