Copper Sun-Sharon Draper

Jennifer Donjuan
March 12, 2010
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​Sharon M. Draper

Cooper Sun has slavery, love,sadness,anger, danger,braveness, breathe taking, and more........

What inspired Sharon Draper to write the book Copper Sun?

Well Sharon Draper wrote the book about slavery because one day she went and visited a place named Ghana a few years back. While she was there she was amazed by the beauty and the whole history of this beautiful place. When she visited what is known to be the slave castle they were thousands of Africans that were being housed like cattle before being shipped and sold to various places.(“Intro summary and General questions.”)

In her words she had said that “ When I crawled on my hands and knees through the “door of no return “which led from the darkness of the prison to the incomprehensible vastness of a beach I knew I had to tell a story of just one of those who had passed that way”.(

She wrote the book (novel) Copper Sun because it was meant to be spoken for the untold multitudes of her ancestors who also lived and died, that witnessed slavery that has always needed a voice. She said that she spoke for them. She was a granddaughter of a former slave so this tale must hold a special place in her heart.(Shanley)

What Copper Sun so different than her other Books?

Well, Sharon Draper has written many books, but this one was different she knew she had to write about this topic because young kids and some adults need to know how slavery was like and what women, children, and men went through. She has always loved historical fiction so writing Copper Sun must have been easy for her because Copper Sun was a fantastic book. You can tell she loves writing books because she has written more than 25 books. (

What I like about Copper Sun?

In this book that I was moved by and would encourage others to read it was a great book because she used facts that were real like for example: Forts Mose, she found it and how she added it in her book. She said that she was looking for a place for the girls to run because she needed a place for there freedom and she decided to put Fort Mose and because of it's history about slavery and slavery freedom. I think that she is a great author, she's one of my favorite authors that I enjoy reading by. I've read many books of Sharon Draper but Copper Sun was different, it was breathe taking i loved it!

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