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Fort Mose FAQ
by: Kendall .J. Holmes

Fort Mose is one of the most interesting places and one of the least known historical places in United States history. The fort was introduced for a safe haven for escaped Africans looking to be free of the terrors of slavery. Fort Mose was a place filled with hard working people since and a lush history for people of all kind. In Copper Sun the main character Amari and her enemy turned friend have to find their way to freedom.
Is Fort Mose real a real place?

Fort Mose pronounced (Mo-zay) a place of rich history was home to the first free black settlement in today's United States. Built in 1700's in the1670 slaves were making their way to the south to Spanish territory of St. Augustine, Florida. Escaped Africans eventually set up a small town by the name of Gracia Real de Santa Teresa de Mose. In English language that translates to Fort Mose.(Draper)
Fort Mose was established two miles from St. Augustine, and included large numbers of escaped Africans along with other races like Native Americans and Europeans. Most citizens were skilled craftsmen, and freedom was given to anyone who convert to be Catholic and swore to fight against European soldiers.(Draper)
Fort life was not always heaven; men were sometimes separated from their family to join the Spanish army and sent to Spanish territory to fight and work. Town men and women worked hard to protect and build the fort.(Draper)

Who is Captain Francisco Menendez?

An escaped black male who became the captain of an all black militia was unheard of before Fort Mose.
This amazing accomplishment was done by an escaped slave from the Carolina named Francisco Menendez. Francisco served as a slave in the early 1700s after years of being a slave he ran South for Fort Mose for his freedom in 1724. He converted to Catholicism and joining the Spanish military was he granted his freedom. His hard work and bravery help him rise in rank to captain of the first all-black militia.
Francisco was also put in charge of the settlement of freed black slaves. Fort mose was known for the bravery of its soldiers. The fort was attacked by British soldiers The militia succeeded in stopping the British but Fort Mose was destroyed in the process. The fort was rebuilt but abandoned once Spain was defeated by England . Captain Francisco is believed to have run to Cuba and died in Havana(

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