Block 6 Haiti FAQ

what do they do with the orphand kids?
Alycia smith:

In haiti all together there are about 60,000 kids either killed, seperated from families, or are orphans that are being found. (the lost children of haiti)even today search teams are still finding kids and adults under the rubble some are dead some are amazingly still alive.
Haiti kids are being adopted by american parents everyday. everday tons of kids are found Around 40-50 orphans ae being moved to the U.S everyday (Some orphans get out others dont)

Could Haiti's earthquake been avoided?
Rodrigo Renteria

Haiti's earthquake could of been avoided because they were warned by the United States's scientist that Haiti was going to have a 7.2 magnitude. At some point in the next few years.They were also alerted 4-5 years earlier. So Haiti's goverment didn't do anything about what they were told about the earthquake. Haiti's goverment should of told the people that live in Haiti what was going to happen.They were also told where the fault was in Haiti. (Rodenburg;Washington Times)

Plans for rebuilding Haiti?
Devin Tucker
Ministers and aid groups are helping leading the effort to help. Haiti is able to lead the rebuilding effort. Jean max Belleerive plays a big roll in helping rebuild and getting people to help.
SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic, CMC – A US$10 billion five-year assistance programmer has been proposed to support Haiti’s recover from the powerful earthquake that flattened the capital and surrounding areas last week.
Host president Leonel Fernandez, who proposed the fund, said Haiti would need an integral national development plan of about US$2 billion annually.
“We’d be talking about a five-year program of some $10 billion,” Fernandez told the international donor’s meeting.(

How big is Haiti/Geography?
By: Taylor Sharer
Haiti is a country of about 28,000 square kilometers. Haiti is about the size of Maryland. It occupies the western part of the carribean island, Hispanolia. Haiti (Countrystudies)
The capital of Haiti is Port Au Prince. Port Au Prince faces the Gulf of Mexico. Haiti's highest point is Chaine De La Selle with a height of 8,792 feet. The coastline of Haiti is 1,100 miles long. The only country that borders Haiti is Dominican Republic.("Geography and Overview of Haiti")

What are other countries doing to help Haiti?
By:Beida Benitez
There are so many countries that are helping Haiti right now.Mexico and Spain,Guatemala and also Venezuela,France and Britan,Iceland and Cuba and also many more countries are helping.Guatemala has all ready sent 344 of there people to help Haiti.
The way mexico is helping is by sending aid like food and water and they are also sending people to help them. They have been working very good with orther countries. They are taking so many people out the rubles.They are having a hard time taking food and stuff becjause when they try to give fod they are getting hurt becauuse people are fighting to get food and help.(Which Countries Are Helping Haiti)
The Dominican republic is helping as much as they can because they are on the same island.They dont have any power too so they cant help as muc h as they want.They are sending docter's nurse's but they are not wanting them to come over.(Marisol Bello)

Haiti's population
By:Joseline Diaz
Haitis population in the bigging of 2009 was 9,780,064.So far 100,000 people have ben found dead due to the earthquake. Many of this people that are died were under rubels.( This has ben very trageic for all them if you can imagin all this so far this people that are diad has made the population decrease. Haiti may be the smallest country in the southern but now with all this deaths it may cause this country more grife then they can imagin. Many countries have tried to help out, what they cant fix is all the deaths news reporters(cnn). Many reports have ben made that there has ben many people that yet have not ben found in all that major distructions. If you do a little bet of math then you would find dthat about 9,680,064 or less may be alife! There many things that have killed that people of Haiti.Some examples are all the concreat skwishing there bodys, hunger from being unfound, and many other things .

What is Haiti's government doing?
by:Brittany Fox
there is only one thing that Haiti's government is doing, and that is nothing. the president of Haiti has done nothing but stop the search for the remaining survivors.(Sequera Jordan) also they think that there doing a good job with there government, enforcing there laws in a time of need for food, water, shelter,and help! (Haiti government)

will haiti rebuild or reinforce buildings
by jacob wingler
on 1-12-10 a 7.0 earth quake hit haiti. it left over million homeless. the death toll is 50,000 or muck more. it could take 2.5 trillion bucks at least.(walsh) it may take 10 years to rebuild.(kiremiddsian)

What is population/demographics?
byBrett Thomas
As of July 2009 120,000 people in Haiti live with HIV or AIDS. 7,200 people have died from it. All haitians have a high degree of risk of getting an infectous disease from mostly their food and water. Im curious to see if their confusing bodies dying from disease with those of the earthquake. Haiti's population was already slowly dying but the earthquake made us pay attention. Haiti only has a population growth rate of 1.838%, and a immigration rate of -2.07%. ( Haiti's population as of July 2000 was 6,867,995. Most Hatians have a life expectancy of 49.2 years. 38.1 percent of Haiti's population is between the ages of 0-15. They are also suffering from a major HIV/AIDS problem.(

How will they rebuild Haiti by: Adrian Addison
Rebuilding start 01-25-10 nearly after two weeks from the earthquake in Haiti. Secretary of state Hillary Clinton and foreign ministers from more than a dozen countries to start groundwork for rebuilding Haiti on 01-25-10 ( haiti). the host president leonel fernandez proposed the fund said haiti

Do the people of Haiti fight over food?
Kiki Gonzalez

Do the people Haiti fight over food?They are in desperate need of food and help. What can we give them that will help there problems. More food and drink to eat. They are fighting for food hurting each other more. They are fighting over bags of rice and beans they fight over water and other supplies (BBCNEWS).
We can help by sending water and supplies that will help others get on with there life's. Like tents or sleeping bags or maybe some old shoes. By doing this when can really help out others and save life's. This is are way of helping others to success. So can we help ? “yes” but are we willing to do it?(BBCNEWS).
So far we have been able to provide a little bit of food but not to all. So we need more people to donate can foods,clothes,medical help,or anything else you can give to help another person or people.
They will be very thankful for what u give to them.(“battle of the food lives”)