Where Exactly is Haiti?
By: Jessica Medina


Have you ever wondered were Haiti is located? Haiti is located approximatley 750 miles southeast of Florida. Many people take ships to travel to Haiti. People take cruises and took tours to Haiti since it is very near to the shore of Florida. Haiti used to be a beautiful place to stay for vacations in the summer(Travel-to-Haiti). Another surrounding area is Cuba. Cuba is just east of Haiti. Hispanola is very closed to Haiti, also. Haiti occupies the western third of the island of Hispanola. The island of Hispanola is shared by two countries, Haiti and Dominican Republic. Therefore Haiti and Dominican Republic share borders. ("Haiti").

How Much Will it Cost to Repair the Damages?
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According to Andres R. Martinez and Lori Rothman, an estimated 15% of the countries extremely low GDP (Gross Domestic Product AKA how much the country earns each year) will be spent on reconstructing the country of Haiti. The country's average GDP for the last three years is approximately 11.91 billion U.S. Dollars (CIA World Factbook), making it one of the poorest countries in the Western hemisphere. One gourde (the official currency of Haiti) is worth two cents here ( So if their GDP is 11.91 billion dollars (238 million gourdes), 15% of that is 1.7 billion U.S. Dollars, or 35.7 million gourdes. If you think about it, 11.9 billion is next to nothing compared to the United States's GDP (approximately 14 trillion U.S. Dollars or 563.5 trillion gourdes), which is 422% more than Haiti's.

What about Haiti's culture?
By:Shaquanda White

Haitian culture is,language,music,and religion,french,spanish ("culture"). Cuisine of haiti is made up of african,taino,and european influence that have been part of the dispora ("cuisine"). They have carnivals in most festive time of the year in haiti.There festivals are in february. The cities are filled with music,parade floats,people dancing,and singing in the streets.They have all night parties, and escape from daily life.Childeren are attending parties and night clubs called discos ( "Festivals" ). Haitian refer dark-skinned people as blan of african ancestry("Ethnic Relations"). Less than 40% of the non-elite population marries a union ,typically is considered complete,like when a man has to build a house for his women after the first baby is born.(EveryCulture).

How many people were killed?
Ra'Kim Smoutherson
In Haiti there was an incredible large number of people killed("2010 Haiti Earthquake") .As of January 24 the death toll for the Haiti earthquake was 150,000.(" 2010 Haiti Earthquake") It increased by 70,000 from January 21.("2010 Haiti Earthquake).The USGS recorded six aftershocks in the two hours after the main earthquake("2010 Haiti Earthquake").

Where does the money go?
Quenton Gulledge
According to the Red Cross 91 cents of every dollar goes to the victims,ect(Sean Connolly). Red Cross says that there's no way to break down the money to see how much will go to food or sheltor. As for the other 8 percent or so, that goes to adminastrative costs and overhead. Overhead, by way, is the extra expenses it takes to run a business ("Where Your Haiti Dollars Are Going"). They say bigger donatoin agency dont really get stuff there faster but its never been proved.All charitys take a little money for expenses like getin the stuff and transportation ("Where Your Haiti Dollars Are Going").

Where do the survivors go?
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Tents and matresses are layed out because people are scared the building will collapse ( shelter ).Many afteshocks have occured which has brought more people into the streets( after shock ). Haiti's government has moveed 400,000 earthquake survivors from the capital into camps to keep the spread of disease from occuring ( haiti government ).

A boy was stuck under a hotel for a few days
Rescuers saved him and he is now living in a shed with all his family and friends ( families living together ). Even after a hurricane it can be dangerous. The dust from the fallen buildings can get traped in peoples lungs which can cause lung disease or a hard time breathing which can cause major issues in the future ( lung problems ). Haiti victims are currently living on a soccer field and there are tents scatterd everywhere ( tents ). People are becoming violent fighting for homes and any shelter ( ).

Why did the earthquake happen?
By: Kenya
The Haiti earthquake occurred at a fault that runs right through Haiti and is situated along the boundary between the Caribbean and North American plates(Thompson). A segment of the plate had been stuck together(Dailey).The 100-miles border between two plates know as the"Enriquillo plaintain fault line" extends from the Dominican Republic through Haiti all the way to Jamaica( Thompson ). The two sides of the fault line moved past each other in an east-west direction and that's what caused the energy release and the Haiti earthquake (Thompson).

Who Is Helping Haiti?
By: Destiny Dominguez
AT&T cusomers can help Haiti by texing the word HAITI to 90999 in their cell phones to donate money to The Red Cross. A lot of people are trying to help haiti get back on their feet...St. Joseph Church in Mapplewood is accepting donations.Schools are helping out Haiti too, like Columbia High School is collecting donations. All donations will be sent to "Partners In Health". Paul Farmer N.G.O Has Been Working With Haiti for years. Other Schools are helping such as...Deerfield, Glenwood,Hartshorn, South Mountain.(Desucio).
Risa Olinsky is helping out Haiti as well..she has made a program called "Hike For Haiti". It is a hour and a half long hike,donations are 25 dollars and all donations will be sent to a charity.(Olinsky).

How long will it take for Haiti to be back to normal?
Jamie Beaver

After the mass destruction on Haiti, people are starting to wonder how long will it take for Haiti to be back to normal, or even better than the previous conditions they were in. Romeril, a Red Cross volunteer says; “It is impossible to predict how long Haiti's Recovery will take.” “Three to five years is a good estimate for such a catastrophe.” After the catastrophe the US sent in people to do a search-and-rescue mission, which is currently done, but many people are still looking for their loved ones (Neumann).
The stages after the search-and-rescue are the relief and recovery stage. The relief stage is where volunteer's will come in and help them get relief from what has happened in the past months. The recovery stage is where the volunteer's will come in and start rebuilding everything from top to bottom preparing Haiti for their new normal lives(Neumann). People believe in about a month the emergency phase will die down to struggle and long term development(Sachs)
As for the long term development, they will try to boost Haiti's economy over the next couple of years, new and sturdier buildings will emerge, even a better education for Haiti's youth, and a brilliant trading system. Many other reconstructive items will start to pop up all over Haiti as well. Haiti will get roads and water sanitation systems. They will get better food and crops to make sure everyone will get something to eat and will employ ten's of thousands, maybe even one hundred of thousand's of people(Sachs).

What do they do with the dead bodies in Haiti?
By: Victoria Motus

In Haiti the dead bodies are being left by roadsides, trapped under rubble, or cleared into pits("Do Dead Bodies in Haiti Pose a Health Risk?"). Out in the outskirts of Port-Au-Prince hundreds of bodies were mixed with garbage in open pits, some of the bodies were bulldozed into the half-filled pits. The horror of this is that no one will know what ever happened to them especially the families of the victims being put in these mass graves. The most frequent reason of what they do with the bodies is because of disease, so now these bodies are being rapidly buried into mass graves (Park).
"There is this myth that bodies have to be disposed of incredibly quickly which often leads to bodies being shoved into pits without any form of identification, this makes it impossible for relatives to grieve. Impossible to know how many people died and impossible for people to identify their relatives. This is a terrible shame," says Sir Nicholas Young of the British Red Cross ("Do Dead Bodies in Haiti Pose a Health Risk?"). The United States is actually deploying mortuary teams to identify and bury the dead in a public safety mission (Park).

by :ChaseGainey
what is the
Environment like in haiti??

The environment in Haiti is vary hot and the trees r almost gone it is deforested and when the earthquake hit Haiti it made the tree percentage go down a lot and the water they had its all gone now they don't have a lot but they don't have have people to help them because they are all hurt
The environment in Haiti is really bad and then this earthquake come and made it even worse and now the erosion is bad to because of the earthquake and they are still coming they havet stoped and they are scared the one is going to be like the first one they had and its going to hurt some more people

By:Sarahi Gallardo
"What else can we do to help?"

George Clooney was on T.V Fri. night to raise money for Haiti.(So) All the money they were going to get was all going to be for Haiti. The biggest names in Hollywood were there like : Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman, and Will Smith. Even good singers of all kind of musica.(So)
Know for the people out there that wanna help Haiti can try something like this in there like school. One of the things you could try is as a school you can make a school dance to raise money for Haiti. A other thing you could do is a talent show to raise money. Or other then that people that go to school and ware unifroms could make a day where your school does not have to ware unifroms but kids that won't to do that have to pay money so that way your school raised money for Haiti. Hope this can help you out!

Where do people in Haiti sleep?
Pedro Jaramillo

Haitians sleeping in the streets in fear of another quake a few young women poured water onto the pavement to damp down the powdery white dust. Chairs were moved onto the pavement along with pads, mattresses, sheets and pillows (Haitians sleeping in the streets in fear of another quake).

What happends to kids without parents?
In the immidiate aftermath of a disaster , it is often difficult to determine if a child is truly an orphan, or just may have been seperated from their parents. The U.S. And immigration services will not grant an orphan a visa to a child unless he or she clearly meats the definition of an eligible orphan.(Rainbowkids) Well tens of thousands of children are believed to have lost there parents in the earthquake.The use has loosened its poolicy on visa requirements to expidite americans apodtions of parentless children living in the post earthquke ruinsof Haiti.People in Miami are pushing both goverments to have children who appear to be orpahans ailrlifted to temporary homes in South Florida.However several aid groups who focus on children say that every effort should be made to reunite the orphan children with their relatives.(Mckinley).

How much destruction was done?
James Medlin

was the biggest earthquake in 200 years it was a 7.0 on the scale.
Haiti is the poorest country in the world . Nearly ever house was destroyed there. The military are talking about 20,000 to 30,000 had dead.

How are haiti people doin.?
By,Lyric West

The people in Hatit are doin a lot better. The surver are still sleepin on the streets because they are scared of what might happen if they go in a builting. The kids in haiti are geting adopted a lot faster.('Who's Protecting Haiti Kids')

Is the U.S. Doing enough for Haiti?
Lionel Johnson

Yes, President Barack Obama pledged $100 million in aid to Haiti but the rescue crew are being slow at it because they have to get everything like food, water, etc. loaded on the planes so it takes time (“ Haiti: Is the U.S. Doing Enough?” ).
After the Earthquake, Haiti has been having some after shocks. These are some of the after shocks magnitude: on Jan.12, 2010 6hrs. After the initial earthquake was 4.4, Jan.19, 2010 was 4.7, Jan.20, 2010 was 5.9 (“ Earthquakes")

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