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What is happening to the Haitian orphans and children?
Aria Janel Lipscomb

On January 12th an earthquake hit the country of Haiti leaving children in confusion and alone. A lot of people in America are trying to find ways in order to help the children in Haiti by adopting the orphans caused by this disaster. Due to the extremely difficult process of adoption organizations are highly trying to convince family's to reconsider their decision on wanting to adopt. Legal requirements are very hard to accomplish while a crisis is going on with in that particular country and the U.S. The main focus we should have on our minds about these children are not wanting to adopt but wanting to reunite them with their parents and or distant relatives. The best thing you can do or offer the children and families in Haiti is to help with a families financial needs.(“Haiti Disaster Relief”)

380,000 children were orphans before the earthquake hit Haiti and they have expected the number to have increased by about 10,000.Some families that were already in the process of being adopted have either lost the child they were planing on getting or have had no contact with them to make sure they are alright and are in no way sure when they will be able to come home. This is devastating news for families who have waited years to see the new members of their families. Some have waited for over 5 years for the family members and are being held back even longer because of this crisis.(“Americans Rush To Adopt Orphaned Haiti Kids”)

It is going to take time for new adoptions to begin because of the unsureness of whether or not these kids are really orphans or if they just have not been united with their families just yet. In the mean time children have started to be flown out to all different places in the U.S. To their distant relatives. In one week 50 orphans were sent to Pittsburgh after white house officials were involved. These children were put into group homes until the time came when they could go to their adopted families.(“Americans Rush To Adopt Orphaned Haiti Kids”) These group home employees and others around the world are helping the children of Haiti realize what is going on around them. These homes an orphanages are not only homes for orphans but homes for children who are still in search for their families.(“Haitian Orphans Look To New Beginnings”)The U.S. Not only have put children in homes but have given out 46 immigration visa's and 100 humanitarian wavers.(“Americans Rush To Adopt Orphaned Haiti Kids”)

(“Americans Rush To Adopt Orphaned Haiti Kids”)

By: .:Kourtnei Elizabeth:.
Question: What is the history of Haiti?
History of Haiti!!!

Haitian history began on December 5th, 1492. Christopher Columbus found a large island nation in the Atlantic Ocean. He claimed it for the Spanish, & named it La Isla Española which means the Spanish island, or Hispañola.
In 1493, Columbus returned to Hispañola & found that the settlers had disappeared, probably killed. He left his brother Bartonlomeo Columbus to create a new settlement.
With the Spanish interest in Hispañola beginning to decrease in the 1520s, as more gold & silver deposits were being found in Mexico & South America. The population of the Spanish in Hispañola grew at an extremely so rate.
In 1697, the French gained control of Hispañola. The French introduction slavery to Hispañola in 1697, then in 1767, Hispañola become wealthy with money, they exported 72 million pounds of raw sugar, 51 million pounds of refined sugar, a million pounds of indigo, & 2 million pounds of cotton. 40% of sugar & 60% of cotton was consumed in Europe.
August 22nd, 1791 was the start of the Haitian Revolution. The slaves in the northern region of the colony revolted against the French.
Finally on January 27th, 1801, the slaves found freedom during the Haitian Revolution. Then on May 20th, 1802 Napoleon Bonaparte signed law to maintain slavery in places that it had been demolished from. January 1st, 1804 they declared their independence from the French, reclaiming the name Haiti, which mean land of mountains. The slavery law was soon then abolished by their leader, General Dessalines. He proclaimed himself Emperor Jacques I.
During the 1800s & 1900s there were a lot of problems with government and leadership in the country until finally in January 2004, a group of Anti-Aristide protests led to violent clashes in Port-au-Prince, causing several deaths. In February, a revolt broke out in the city of Gonaïves, which was soon under rebel control after the attack. The attempts to over throw the government then began to spread, and Cap-Haïtien, Haiti's second-largest city, was captured by the terrorists. A mediation team of diplomats presented a plan to reduce Aristide's power while allowing him to remain in office until the end of his constitutional term. Although Aristide accepted the plan, it was rejected by the opposition. (“History of Haiti”)

How many People died in the Haiti Earthquake?
By: Akili Bowrey.
The CNN news say that they estimate that over 100000 people could have died in the haiti earth quake. People are laying in the streets dying cause they cant get medical attention. Most dead people are thrown in large mass graves. Lots of people are dying from diseses called gangrene and sepsis.
Another news said that the death toll could to 150000.(huliq news). Lots of other news articles are saying that as many as 300000 people could have died, mainly from being crushed or lack of medical care.

Why are the buildings weak in Haiti?
by Abraham M

The reason why all these people are dying is of the buildings and how the building code was unforced and how the wasn't made to with stand earth quakes. Cause of the earth quake it had left about one point five people million in need for shelter.(M Latsky)
Haiti has a lot of people home less and it may have a death role like about two hundred thousand. People weren't dying from the Earth quake it was the building s to blame and the reason why is from the construction classes and how they wasn't good for modeling.

Can Haitians Come To The U.S.??
By Amanda!!

Ever since the earthquake in Haiti all Haitians are wanting to come here for more wealth, health, money and shelter.We can not let them unless they have papers wich we can not do nothing about because of the earthquake, people problyy dont have there papers nomore if they had any. So can haitians come or not..., I dont think they can. Haitians are talking about how it would be better to live here but we cant let them without a visa. Wich is sad because of what they are going through. So I hope that we donate enough and help enough for there new home to be replaced as soon as possible.

Triston Knight
How much money do they need?

Obama said that he is going to give Haiti one-hundred million dollars .
I got this from

How was life before the earthquake for Haitians?
By:Kenon Jones
Before the earthquake in hatiti there was still a lot of problems.Hatiti is the poorest country in the American and the thrid poorest in the world.In Hatiti it is very bad theres no money to even support your famly a person live on two dollors a day.(wikipedia).Hatiti is a stuggleing contry about 80 percent of the people is living in poverty.In hatiti there are a few school to go to or if it is they dont go, 50 percent is illiteracy mean cant read or write.Haiti population in 2009 was about 10,033,000(wikipedia.Hatiti is in very need of help since the earthquake happened so please help Hatiti.

Does the Haiti earthquake affect our economy?

I think it does because we are already in debt and any money that the U.S. receives or gives will. Our economy is already bad and us giving is going to have a really big effect. I think if it does have a really big affect we will get our money back because, in the past they have given us 1.5 billion of our dollars back. That statistically means they have given back more than 500% of what we gave them.(Moffett)

Where they ready for an earthquake?

Really no they where not ready there building were stable but they were not flexible enough for an earthquake. The buildings were just regular buildings they could not withstand the impact of a major earthquake. The houses on the hills were not ready for an earthqauke they would just slide down the hills on top of other houses until they reached the bottom.

How has the US helped Haiti?
How The US Helped Haiti ............. Our President Obama had helped alot he brought ships,transport plane, helicopters and thousands of Marines. The United State Southern Command said that one of the Navy's largest amphibous ships maybe should be sent to Haiti..They are even doing FunRaisers to raise money to help out Haiti And the America Red Cross are helping out too . Bobby Burnette had helped Port - Ou - Prince Haiti by bring food (225,000) meals packed by Darien volunteers and Bobby Burnette works at (Love Of The Child)

How Long Will It Take To Rebuild In Haiti?
Danielle Bergdoll(:
On 1-12-10 in the haitian city Port-au-Prince a 7.0 eathquake hit the city. There were thirty three after shocks. It also affected 62.14 miles to the North and South of Port-au-Prince. It was the first earthquake sine 1761, 1770, and 1860. They say it may take up to as long as ten years. This time there going to make sure they do it the right way and build sturdy buildings that can with stand an earthquake as big as the one that just hit. (Kiremijdjian) The homeless count was up to 12,000 on 1-16-10. There might be millions more homeless in the next several weeks. Many people were already sick even before the earthquake hit. “Haiti was totally set up for catastrophe” -Cameron Sinclair. (Walsh) Haitians will take the lead role in the re-build. The earthquake destroyed 2/3 of there econemy. They say that if they rush the build it may take 5 years to clean up and re-build, but there not trying to rush. They don't want the same thing to happen again because of poor building work. (BBC News)

What can people do to help Haiti
Logan Tyre
Most people have said people can help Haiti by donating money food,water,aid. I believe that people could at least donate $10 at the most. I know your probably thinking were you can donate this ,but if you been watching TV you should probably know were to text to. For the people that don't no were to text to you could go to good search,and red-cross these are all good places you can donate to. All this money you donate is going to the relief efforts. (Deviant-art)
money, food,water this is the most important things Haiti needs.( Daily News)

What Caused The Earthquake
Isaiah Jellison

The recent catastrophe in Haiti was caused by the plate Haiti is on and the plate North America sits on. The two plates had been building up stress for a while before all this. Since Haiti is on a fault it had more effect. Both of the plates were moving in the opposite direction as the other. This is called a transform boundary(

The earthquake there was a magnitude of 7.0 on the rick-tor scale. On the rick-tor scale a 7.0 quakes occur about 15 times a year. The typical effects of these magnitudes are serious damage, bridges twist, walls fracture, and buildings may collapse. The bad thing about it is that Haiti doesn't have the same building regulations as the us so they were poorly constructed.

The Carribian plate was moving east and the North American plate was moving west. After a period of time so much stress and tension was built up on plate jerked and released massive energy throughout Haiti. Since the earthquake was only 6 miles deep it was very strong. If this would of happened of the coast it would have caused a massive tsunami(

The African Americans that today occupy Haiti are descendants of the heroic slaves that drove the french out of Haiti. These slaves may have been heroic but they didn't think they're plan through. This island cost money to the french to keep clean,healthy or even to upstand the constant disasters that do hit Haiti. The Haitians today still have no succesful law or authotity system and the surrounding country's ( dominican republic, puerto rico and jamaica) want nothing to do with them. Haiti's natural disasters, including floods,hurricanes and earthquakes happen continuously, america alone has sent millions and millions of dollars to haiti for these problems and more in the last ten years. (The Haitian People Need Emergency Assistance — NOT Suppression and Further Domination!)The poorest country in the hemisphere is left to the care of thousands of dedicate yet unconnected non-govermental organizations – and someone – preferably the united nations, needs to oversee a long term vision to get Haiti on it's feet. Haiti needs authority it needs medical supplies, food and water. We finally need to let Haiti fend for itself, yes with our help, but they need to learn what to with out it.( What Haiti needs now)

How is America helping?
Martin Wood.
america is helping with indgurd bodies food needs and building repairs. america is trying thier best 2 repair what hati lost over 100,000 died in hati men women kids all died in hati many more left indgurd.what i think hati needs is leadership they need a leader 2 clean up what happend.

What is haiti culture like.
BY:Maleik patterson

Haiti, a name that means “mountainous Country” the name came from the language who inhabited the island before European Colonization(the culture of Haiti). After they gained independence, Their Military general adopted the name Haiti for their land. In 2005 95% of their population was African descent(the culture of Haiti).the OTHER 5% WERE white and mulatto(the culture of Haiti).Haitian literature is usually written in french. The Haitian flag color is Red,white,blue,and green.

Some of Haitian foods are: eat diriak pwa (Rice and beans), Griyo (Fried pork), Cabrit (Goat),
SOS Poul (Chicken in sauce), and sandwiches. Rice and beans are considered the national dish .
(The culture of Haiti). Haitians generally eat two meals a day. The favorite beer for the middle class is
The end

How much damage was done to Haiti?

Chris Hardin

There was a lot of damage done to Haiti because of the earthquake they had. During that earthquake there was major damage done to Port-Au-Prince. Many of there land marks were destroyed or servery damaged( “2010 Haiti earthquake”).
Most of there homes were destroyed. But some house were not destroyed by the point seven earthquake(“2010 Haiti earthquake”). The people of Haiti are to scared to sleep in there homes, because they are afraid that it might collapse on them while they sleep. Instead they make home made tents in there backyard or in open areas (Sachs).

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