Block 1 Haiti FAQ
Is Haiti rural or urban?
brett simpson

Haiti is urban port a price is the capital so there is a lot of people living there! It could also be rural because of all the people living in port a prince other states don't have a lot of people! (photius)

What are celebrities doing to help the haitian people?
Nathan Chambers

Most of the celebrities are raiseing money for the cause. Like Wyclef Jean he raised over $1million dollars. To help out the haitian people with water and food and shellter for them to sleep in (Olsen). Or Leona and JLS they help make up a big consert to raise over $5.6 million dollars for the haitian people. And they had celebrities like Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg, 50cent, Akon,and other (Bazley)

Can I do anything beside donating money?
Trini Estrada

We can still help Haiti if we can't donate money, one thing we can do is donate food. We could donate healthy food that won't get rotten in short periods of time like rice and beans. The reason for food is because people are dying of hunger and donating some rice and beans or any other healthy foods would save somebody's life. (
Another way you could donate is by giving blood. Giving blood makes a huge difference because every time you donate blood your not just going to give some blood to save somebody's life the South Bend Medical Foundation is donating 10 dollars to the Red Cross International Response Fund for everybody that gives blood in the month of February which is going to be a huge help for Haiti.(“Help the Haiti relief fund by donating blood in South Bend”)
Kids everywhere have heard and learned a lot about Haiti and feel really bad about the earthquake so they decided to do something about it. Many schools everywhere in the world are doing fundraisers like Fork Shoals Elementary school is having a jeans and hat day Friday. The only way you can wear your jeans and hat is by giving a 1$ to the PTSO at there school and all the money the PTSO gets is going to be given to help Haiti.(Alta)

Can Haitians come to the U.S?
Brianna McCalvin
There are hundreds of thousand of Haitians in the U.S. Haitians are allowed to stay free in America for at least 18 months. Starting Thursday Haitians living in the Country illegally will be able to apply for a temporary protected status that will allow them to come out of hiding and compete for jobs with other legal workers (Ramos).
Obama say that he would like more Haitians to come to the U.S. Haitians who were illegally in the United States are allowed to remain for the time being until it is safe for them to go back to there Country (“Illegal Haitians in the U.S. Can Stay Obama Says”).

What problems did Haiti face befor the earthquake?
Kevin Wood

Haitians have had it hard, before and after the earthquake. I am going to talk about the problems they had before the quake. For so long the Haitians had to deal with contaminated drinking water that threaten their health. If its not already bad enough that the water is contaminated, its also foul smelling. And to make matters worse the water is filled with swams of dead fish and floating debris. Most of the debris in Haiti's water is trash, showing that Haiti does not have a good way of disposing of trash. Haiti has so much trash that it is filling their beaches. There is even mountains of trash that are bigger than Haiti's physical mountains! You don't see many cars in that trash. That is because they still use them, if they're lucky enough to have one. The dust and fumes from the cars, mixed in with a 90 degree indoor and outdoor air temperature can cause a nauseating odor which in turn can lead to death. (Isidor) Lets talk about money, life, and education. Haiti is the world's fourth poorest country and its the poorest country in the western hemisphere. The richest 1% of the population controls nearly ½ of Haiti's wealth. This country is so poor that 85% of Haitians live on less than $1 U.S per day. This may be because Adult literacy is about 50%. Because of a low education, unemployment is over 70%. The situations that Haiti face make life very hard. Life expectancy is 52 years for women and 48 years for men. (Shah)

What is Haiti's Government Doing?
Haiti's government is now trying to make a plan for their country since this massive earthquake. In a video on Haiti's governmentits talking about how the presidential palace has been destroyed and its a symbol that Haiti's government is broken(Economist)Thats not the only problem the country is facing. So many people were killed and the have more bodies thean the know what to do with, so they have to either leave them in the street or make mass graves.
So many people were killed and the have more bodies than they know what to do with, so they have to either leave them in the street or make mass graves. The government has ended up spending $379,000,000when we were only suppose to spend $100,000,000. That's about $1.25 from each person in the United States.(NCtimes).

What problems are happening now in Haiti?


On tuesday a massive earthquake struck killing thousands but the problems didn't stop there. The haitians are still suffering from the aftermath of the earthquake. At least two million haitians are now homeless because the earthquake destroyed their homes. The haitans were placed in camps but the athorities are worried about sanitation and disease outbreaks in these camps.There are many outbreaks of diarrhea, respiratory-tract infectoins and comminicable disease. The debris and smoke is causing major complications to the haitians health. Medical help is very hard to get even the hospitals are now low on surgeons, nurses, tools, and supplies (Faul and Lush.)
In Haiti the aid and food are coming in very slow.Causing the Haitians to become very upset. The Haitians are so hungry, hurt, and angry that the will do anything to help themselves. Distribution points are now becoming very dangerous because the Haitians are fighting and starting riots over bags of food. The police are powerless to prevent these gangs of stick-wielding men who seem to think that we don't want to help (“Quake survivors robbed of aid in Haiti.”)

Where do haitians sleep?
Haitians sleep on matresses from other buildings. They also sleep on carpet torn out of a home. Most haitians sleep outside of their homes, or a spawling yard of sharp stones and broken pavement. ("Haiti Quake Survivors Sleep in Streets"; "Haiti Quake Survivors Spend Second Night in Streets") Most haitians sleep near their dead family members.
Haitians sleep in parks, tents. Haitians are too scared to go back in their homes because they think another earthquake may trap more and more people under the rubble.
Haitians are sleeping at night, the largest camp in the haitian capital.
the camp was divided into quadrants, each marked with a color. People were handed color tickets for food distribution.

What countries are helping Haiti?
Jayvon Moser
Haiti is getting help from different countries. The United States is sending 100 million dollars, helicopters, transport planes, and 200 marines. India is donating 1 million dollars; Canada is sending 5 million dollars. Ottawa is sending 2 naval ships, helicopter, transport planes and a disaster team, Netherlands is donating 2 million. Japan is donating 5 million. Italy is donating 2 million. India is donating 1 million dollars. Mexico and Venezuela is sending doctors, search teams. Iceland and Portugal is sending 30 rescue working teams. Taiwan is sending 23 rescue workers, 2 tons of aid and equipment. Israel is opening a opened field hospital.

How will haitians be fed?
Jennifer Donjuan

Well now that it's all over Haitians are all swelled up, empty stomach, and have dried out skins. They are trying to get food and water, right now the U.N workers are doing their best in all they can to help provide what they need even though there's like thousands of Haitians in hunger. Right now many famous people are having concerts to gain money to send food to Haitians witch by the way some of Haitians are dying from hunger and thirst.
Also blue-helmeted UN peacekeepers are distributing food for them.
While I was researching to find information I read that Haitians were eating mud/ dirt, just to survive. I also read that the government helped by establishing fourteen distribution points for food, water, and other stuff that's needed. Haitians have to wait in a large line to get their food, witch comes from U.N. Workers.
Luckily the hungry survivors are being fed now.
Nice to see a lot of people are donating something to the poor Haitians.
Seeing all these people going through all this pain makes me really sad if I could I would help them in any kind of way knowing what these peoples are going through Injuries, hunger, thirst dying. (Montesquio)

Who's helping the children in Haiti?
Janet Gutierrez

Unicef is helping as much as possible the children in Haiti. Though it is becoming even harder because people are trying to steal them for illegal adoption, sexually expliotion ,they're trafficed, or sold as domestic servants. Children are being grabbed do to them not having an adult with them to supervise them. This is an easy way for people to catch up to them. (Who's Protecting Hatian Kids?)(
About 1/3 of the people dead in haiti were children. People are gathering in churches to get and give food for people going without it. It is a necissity for people to give food to them.These people are in disperate need of anything. They especially need the food, any kind.( (a people in despair)

How is the media covering the Haiti earthquake?
Richard White

Hundreds of reporters photographers and T.V news crews descended on Haiti after January 12 the earthquake that killed 200,000 people in the western Hemispheres poorest state. One of the ways the media is covering the Haiti earthquake is though the internet. Twitter and Facebook where used to contact sources while YouTube provided on the ground footage.(
Some choose to campout on the runway at the airport feeding on crackers and peanut butter also water. Slowly Haiti will recuperate from this devestating earthquake( Bremer)

How much can the U.S. help?
Jorge Barrios

On Tuesday, nearly two weeks ago, Haiti was struck by a massive earthquake. What is the U.S. doing? The U.S. is trying to help out as much as they can for this poor country. But what exactly are they doing to help? Well some things they're doing is to deploy search and rescue teams. Why do they need this? It seems not very important but it is and here's why. If somebody important was to be trapped they would have to rescue them so that won't be a loss. Also, they could find a family member or a friend but it's important. Another thing, is to give some recovering assistance. That is to help out the people of Haiti, like giving them food, water, and shelter. The last thing I got was the rebuilding help. Since, the Haitians have nearly all their buildings on the ground they obviously need some help. We can also help them build better buildings (Obama: U.S. Stands Ready to Help Haiti) . The U.S. has been there for them and that's some things the U.S. is doing.

What Language do Haitians speak?
Rochelle Waldroop

In Haiti, there are two offical languages, Haitian Creole and French. About 8 million people speak Haitian Creole, which is almost the whole population. The rest who speak Freach is only about 10% of the population. Haitian Creole is made up of African languages, Spainish, and Porchagese. They can also speak a little bit of English, but it isn't their best. However, English is increasing more and more each day now in Haiti. The sole literacy language is Haitian Creole since Haiti's independence in 1804, but not until the 1980s many educators, writers, and activists emphisized pride and written literacy in Creole. (“Haitian Creole Language”)
Haitian Creole is used for the everyday life, regardless of social class, and only some use French for formal situations like in schools, newspapers, the law and the courts, offical documents, and decrees. Since the colonial times, French has been an indicater of social class, so almost all of the refugees who come to the United States claim to speak French (even is they do not). The majority speaks Creole, so in recent years they are trying to expand the use. Doing so, in 1979, a law passed to use the Haitian Creole to be the language of instruction. However, there is still great controvercy over using the Creole in schools and in teaching Haitian Creole. (“Language and Literacy”)

How much will it cost to fix haiti?
Christian griffin

Haiti had a massive eathquake and destroyed many of homes and buildings with people in them.Its going to cost upward to three billion dollars.They have insurance and there is only eight in the country. The insurance is going tp pay out eight million doallars. They paid out 40 million in claims.The insurance paid out one million in emergency,This tradgent even has raised fifty seven million dollars.(Mara gay) Barack obama has gave one hundred million dollars. Haiti is getting one cent of our every day dollar aid.TheU.S.Government has gave three hundred million dollars, That is about $1.25 from everyone in the United States. (Haiti government gets 1 cent of U.S. Aid dollar.)

Is the U.S. Aid effort to slow in Haiti?
Zach Mullinax

Two weeks ago a massive earthquake hit Haiti. It struck Haiti's capital; Port-au-Prince right in the heart as it did also to many families in Port-au-Prince. Many Haitians have been angry for the slow arrival of aid.(Murphy) For the U.S., that is not the case.
On Tuesday, the U.S. Military air dropped 3,700 gallons of bottled water and 14,000 pre packaged meals into Port-au-Prince. The U.S. Army Already has 2,000 troops on the ground and is expecting 10,000 more by a week.(Murphy) With the help from the 22nd and the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit, the 82nd Airborne Division from the Army is looking for survivors in the capital; Port-au-Prince.(Operation Unified Response)
While Aid Operations are taking place right now inside the Presidental Palace for a base of operations for the U.S. Military, a two hundred-fifty hospital bed ship, USNS Comfort arrived in Port-au-Prince's repaired north pier.(Operation Unified Response)
The U.S. Military is working very had right now to help the Haitian people get back on their feet. The Army, Navy, Coast Guard, and the Marines have all contribuated to the relief effort in Haiti and they will keep working until the job is done.

What problems are in Haiti right now?
Edwin Godinez

I feel sad for Haiti because of the Earthquake and for some of the other problems that Haiti is facing that some people don't know about. Like that in Port Au Prince there is up to 4,000 prisoners that are free and just roaming around every where. Because their main prison was destroyed because of the earthquake.{Tony Hake}
Plus right now millions are homeless and without shelter,food or water. Plus they are also struggling because they don't have any electricity or fuel. Facilities and infrastructures that were already poor even before the earthquake are destroyed. The only good thing is that fund raising efforts across the globe are giving hundreds of millions of dollars in financial aid and donations to help Haiti .But still I guess we can only hope for the best.{Tony Hake}

What caused the earthquake in Haiti?
Daijara Collins

On Jan.12, 2010 an earthquake hit the capital of Haiti. Haiti's boundary is close by North America and the Caribbean plates. The fault between them ran through Haiti and caused the earthquake. The Caribbean and North America plates constantly rub together (“What caused the devastating Haiti earthquake). The Caribbean and North America slides past each other in a east- west direction. This is called a strike slip (Thompson).

What will happen to all of the orphans in Haiti?
Shaniah Conner
Many people are asking what happen to the orphans! Well there are more than 350,000 orphans in Haiti. 53 of those orphans are sent to Pittsburg. Also did you know that 90 orphans at the new life center survived during the Earthquake? People all over the world are calling from agency to adopt Haiti’s orphans. Still Haiti's orphans are still overflowing.
Many Haitian orphans have been flown over here or other countries. The average of adopting Haitian orphans normally take 3 years. People say when you are in the international adoption children from Haiti is losing their culture! (“Haiti's Quake orphans will still stay put for now”)
I wish I could adopt a Haitian orphan but I can't. I heard that this Kansas family adopted an orphan the last 3 days! That is a long time!
In addition, two other siblings were adopted. One of the people that have adopted the Haiti’s kids kept flying over to Haiti! (Wood)
If you want to adopt Haiti’s orphans please ask your parents first. Also, look around local adoption centers. Please the kids in Haiti are crying out.

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