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Research Paper

Sharon Flake

Below your goings to learn about Sharon Flake. She is the Author of many books these books are popular with many teens they deal with problems in life times. She likes to write about hope in hard places, about young people who encounter challenges but through perseverance, the help of good friends and the love of family and caring adults .

What is Sharon flake background.?

She was born in Philadelphia, PA and lived there for thirty years. She graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 1978 with a B.A in English.
She also worked with young people in a foster care program for about eight years. She has a daughter name Brittney. She has two older sisters, two older brother and a young brother. She also like music-rap,elevator or lite,country,and gospel to.

What inspires her to write the skin I'm in.?

She came up with this book because she has a dark-skinned daughter, and when she was little she would tell her stories about who did wonderful things and from her point of view she knew if you was dark-skinned people that was getting picked on so she wanted to deal with that issue. Sharon flake continued writing stories that appealed to middle and high school students. She has joined a writing group at a Pittsburgh Bookstore for fifteen years.

What other books has she written.?

Sharon flake is a author to six books called the broken bike boy and the queen of 33rd street(2007). Bang.!(Sept.2005). Who am I without him? Short stories about Boys and Girls in their Lives(2004). Begging for Change(2003). Money Hungry(2002). And also The Skin I'm in(1998). You Don't Even Know me(2010). (“Sharon Flake”)

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