By:Brenda Castaneda
Time: 2:48 pm

Have you every wonder if your child would run away from home ? Well am going to tell you how to stop it. Teens run away for a reason like an example some teens run away because they are in drugs or alcohol abuse. Some kids just want freedom and just wants to leave , Kids and teens think if they run away they think they are solving the problem however they don't know that it's just making it worse, Teens and Kids are running away from their own fear. About 275,000 teens and kids runaway each year.

Runaway teens and kids can be hurt in the streets and with people they don't even know . Teens think if they just run away from their own house they think they would solve their problem , the teen is in more trouble at home with their parents and everyone is worry about the teen . You can stop teens and kids from running away from their house by always talking to them and telling them if they are okay do they have any problems because the parents their best friend and should just them .

Some parents have the blame because the teen or kid had ran away because the parent may of hit ted them or never in the house or maybe is the father or step father. Maybe the parents are fight way to much and the teen or kid just cant take it anymore and deciduous to leave. Some teens think they know everything and they just want their space. Today even more teens run away from their own house because they get pregnant or even whats to be with the boyfriend and friends and just wants to make their live with no parents telling what to do.

Kids or teens that run away are afraid of their own fear they are just scared to solve the problem that they are making by running away is not going to make it better and Teen with problems like
should just trust someone that can help you. Today kids run away because of something dumb and if you want to know more about how kids and teens running away you should visit it this website !

More information name of publisher James Le lman MSW . Name of article is Running Away Part 1 Why Do Kids And Teens Do It And Why ?