Kids join gangs because they could be drawn by girls because the girl can tell them to join the gang that they are with because they are in the same gang or they can look cool, they are also drawn by parties. They also may be looking for power and respect out in the street. They want respect in the streets because they might be getting picked on at school or they are hanging around people that pressure them in to their gang that they are in already these gangs give them power by . They prefer the streets instead of their own family because the gang can make them feel that they are a family to each other. Some kids join gangs to make themselves look cool and they could also join gangs for protection from other people that want to hurt them.(Why Do Kids Join Gangs?)

A gang is a group of 3 or more people. This group of people share characteristics and they also could carry out illegal activity. These illegal activities could be selling drugs and getting in trouble with the law enforcement . These people that are involved in a gang could be dangerous to other people around them to show that they are not scared to be with the gang. This people can show how they fell about there gang by having tattoos and nicknames that represent them. These gangs use graffiti to mark there territories like some major gangs have there own tags that they can be made by using spray paint. These graffiti should be reported to the police as soon as possible so there wont any violence where ever the graffiti is at. It is difficult to get out of a major gang there could be consequences like tattoo removing or sometimes it could involve death.(What Is A Gang?)

Some gang members have nicknames so they can be easily recognized and so that they can be identified easier when they do some illegal activities. Some people have nicknames because they can be easier to catch on. Using a nickname could also cover or block your identity from the law enforcement or from rival gang members. By using a nickname you could also increase your popularity between other gang members in the gang that you are with. Some gang members use nicknames for respect to try to make themselves sound better, meaner, or different from what they really are.(Nicknames)

This gang was created in the late 1980's. People say that Mara Salvatrucha is the most dangerous gang around because it started coming from
El Salvador to Los Angeles and across the United States this gang is still spreading around the world. In Long Island they didn't have any gang members but now they have more than 300 members. The 16 leaders that MS-13 had were arrested by the FBI. The gang MS-13 has been involved with 11 murders and the have at least 200 members in Charlotte. In July 2003 a 16 year old federal witness had his hand almost completely chopped off with a machete and a 18 year old was stabbed to death and a week later a 17-year-old got shot and was murdered. All of this crimes were tied to the gang MS-13. In this days all you have to do is get jumped in and for you to earn you symbols or nicknames you have to get involved in some criminal or violent crimes. This gang members mostly wear blue and white. This gang has expanded from California to Alaska, Oregon, Utah, Texas, Nevada, Oklahoma, Illinois, Michigan, New York, Maryland, Virginia, Georgia, Washington, D.C., and Florida. It’s estimated that there are 36,000 MS-13 members in Honduras alone. The MS-13 gang is not scared of police officers if they have to fight for their freedom they will fight for it. There is estimated about 36,000 gang members in Honduras. The government of Honduras has set a law that says if u are showing any tattoo that deals with the gang you are in you could be arrested just for showing a tattoo. Most of these gang members set up in the Mexico and US border so they can help illegal immigrants move to the United States. If the gang is feeling heat in the US the will go to Honduras and El Salvador but if they feel heat there they will set up in Mexico.

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